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It is so good to know the secrets of life. Why we lose things and how failure becomes the first step to get success. There are so many things that are hidden from us but actually, the things are not hidden they are inside us. The thing that matters the most is to know the real treasure inside us. After coming from the office I made a habit to read the book before going to bed. I read a lot many books and improved my skills too.

One day, I was tired and exhausted from the work in the office. It was a hectic day and I was trying to run away from the things. I talk to one of my friends to release my effort. While talking to her she started her story. She wants to crack SSC exam but because of her married life, she is not able to concentrate on her studies.

She lives in a joint family where she needs to do all the household work and look after her in-laws. Though everyone is cooperative still she couldn’t find time to study the amount that she needs to give to studies. While talking to her I thought everyone has some or the other problem. Some are struggling for their career and some want to get rid of the pressure of work.

The Alchemist

As usual, while going to bed, I read a book. This time the book that I read was “The Alchemist” the book written by Paulo Coelho. When I read it I found that the book like the alchemist should be read by each and every person. In this book, there is a young and adventurous shepherd named Santiago. He has the dream every time to seek treasure at the foot of Egyptian pyramids.

Surprisingly, he consulted a gypsy woman and she advised him to go to pyramids. And from there he starts his journey. In the midway he was even robbed still he continued to go. He worked in the crystal shop with a merchant where the merchant teaches him several lessons and even Santiago encourages the merchant to take some risks with his business.

And Santiago earned a huge amount from the shop and he continues pursuing his dream that is to find treasure at the pyramids. He joins the caravan crossing the Sahara Desert and meets an Englishman who is studying to become an alchemist.

Here is something that dictionary dot com tells

The alchemist synonym

Is fortune-teller. And this what exactly he does, he made the boy learned many things. The Alchemist gets word of Santiago’s vision and he invited him on a trip into the desert. During this journey, the alchemist teaches him to listen to his heart and pursue what he wants and even he met Fatima with whom he falls in love. Basically, it is a hero’s journey the alchemist he promised her that he will come back. While the alchemist and Santiago continue through the desert, the alchemist shares much of his wisdom and knowledge of the soul of the world.

On the way to pyramids, Arab soldier captures them and to save the life the alchemist gave the amount that Santiago had and even told them that Santiago is a great alchemist and he can turn into wind within three days. Santiago feels alarmed but on the third day, he communicates the wind and coaxes them to turn into the wind. The tribesmen awed by the power of the wind that he generated.

After that, the alchemist travel with Santiago as far as he can. He demonstrates the boy to change the lead into gold using the philosopher’s stone. Then he sends him off. Santiago starts digging for the treasure at the foot of the pyramids but two men beat him. When Santiago told them of his dream they leave him and assured that such dreams are worthlessness. But hard digging he finally found the gold and jewels.

And there he returns to Spain with Fatima

Here the alchemist summary is a hero’s journey who lastly understands that the real treasure was inside him and he can do anything because he gets to know the power that was inside him. I found the alchemist a graphic novel that teaches you the life lesson. What a summary of the alchemist that tells you is when you listen to your heart and get aware of the wisdom then you can turn anything into gold.

The alchemist conclusion

There is nothing that is impossible the alchemist conclusion he remembers Fatima and followed his heart that she might be waiting and he has to return to her. He got both the things treasure and love and found that the real treasure is in all the things that he has and he doesn’t need to run around.

Then I thought the problems that we face, we get suck of small things due to which we forget the abilities that are there inside us. My friend can do anything if she found her abilities and same with me. If I always remind that I have many abilities then I will not be upset of small things.

I read the alchemist that opened my eyes and I found that we can do anything if we find the treasure inside us. As Santiago is able in the end to achieve both his personal legend and his true love. In the same way, we can also achieve anything. He turns the wind because he understood the power inside him the same way, we can also convert our negatives into positive. Here the title who is the real the alchemist is about us as Santiago we too are the real alchemist.

I would highly recommend each and every person to read the alchemist. The alchemist like books are great and find what is so special in that.

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