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For decades, we trust schools and colleges for providing us a good education and give us opportunities to nurture our future. When we get a good education, we transfer that knowledge to everyone. Our education department launches many programs related to encouraging parents, students, teachers and share knowledge about their careers. These programs help students to develop an interest in their day at school and aware that education is of vital importance for every child.

Today I found a girl of 10th standard when I visited a village. She finds difficult in solving the science problems. Then she discusses with many students of her class the same questions.  She read the book by heart and then make an answer key. She doesn’t go any tuitions, and not educated in a very high school. Educated in a normal school she made a history by preparing an answer key herself. I was amazed by the talent that she has or develop by ticking her mind every time to solve the questions.

From the same village, a girl standing next to me left her school because her father has no money to educate her. She was 7th standard pass and then she left the school with a heavy heart. I felt so bad about her and thought why such situations come? I thought how can I help her so that she gets back to her school again. Interrupted in reverie, she said but whatever knowledge I gain I teach village children and help them in learning. I was surprised, and at the same time was happy by heart, I asked her how she manages all the things. She told me that she was sad when she was compelled to not to go to school. But she makes up her mind and thought to educate small children of her village. I was happy to listen to such words and thought if she has not missed her schools she would be the best student in her life.

I thought that education system should definitely do something to actively support such children and deliver the best possible outcomes for them. They should aware people that money is just a number and you can apply in many other ways to schools. Educate and aware that the education of your child is important.

Teach your child how education is important for them but for this, it is important that you get aware of its advantages. Education is the key to live a happy and meaningful life. It is always a good time to have a conversation with your children about studies. Children are the one who leads their country and nurtures the future generation. They build a strong base and build a building of information, better future, success, and motivation.

Everyone knows that to a position such situations you have to accept the hard facts. So, is important to aware parents that their child’s education is must and it not only support the family but also for the nation. Inspire and motivate your child to come out of flying colors. As a parent, your support for the children is very important. The future of the world depends on the children whether the outcome is positive or negative.

  • Save now

It’s never too late to save for your child education. Whether it’s your child creche or school it is just that you need to save enough for their future. If saving is difficult for you, then you can see out the saving plans that offer you great interest. You can cut out cost or other expenses to educate your child and if you are doing this and still not able to give your child education. Then you can try that you educate your child in a school where there is a charity work or a very low fees. If to buy books is also costing you much then you can buy second-hand books from the shops or the friends who have just completed that standard.


Direct your life to success and for that, your education is the key element. Your aims or goals can be accomplished if you have a good education. I mean it in a very genuine way because to gain knowledge is different and having a good education is the key to live a healthy lifestyle. So the bottom line is when you get choices too little, too late you can still manage the best.



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