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One of the most famous inventors in American history Thomas Edison is best known for the invention of the phonograph and incandescent electric light. Thomas Edison has experimented with about 3000 different ways to invent the light bulb until he finally came up with the filament material.

Later in his career, when he was building a storage battery. He was interviewed and asked how does he feel to be a failure so late in his career? Edison smiled and answered “Young man you don’t know much about the world. For I have not failed, rather I know 5000 ways not to invent a storage battery, and I am much closer to my goal”. He was a master at using his mistakes as stepping stones to the invention.

Here quotes on mistakes

“It is a mistake to suppose that people succeed through success; they much oftener succeed through failure”.

“Doing things absolutely right is crucial. The problem comes when we use this “quality” principle too early”.

Don’t get me wrong with the quotes but it is the truth. Doing things right is crucial but people use to take this step too early. They start trying to do it right the first time when they still generating new ideas and trying to solve problems. That’s the wrong time to do it right. In fact, this is the planning time to make mistakes. Remember mistakes are part of life and the best teaching opportunity.

Only by making lots of mistakes one can learn and build a new product. Mistakes make us human and not making mistakes is the biggest mistake.

We all make mistakes

We all try to live by the motto of “live perfect life without regret”. But it is for sure that we all regret of the past experiences. So, in order to make life progress, it is important to let go of past. Remember as practice makes man perfect in the same way mistakes make man perfect. Learn to forgive one’s self and enhance your abilities to enrich better future.

It’s okay to make mistakes. Part of life is making mistakes. Don’t regret or overthink like mistakes of my life are in the queue, in fact, analyze them and try not to do them again.

Here some facts about learning from mistakes

It sets your priorities in life:

Mistakes will either make you or break you. But remember mistakes in life will enhance your skill if you see each mistake as an opportunity to do the work properly. The difference can be that some have endured fewer failures before success and you have faced thousands of failures before coming out of flying colors.

When you make mistakes that time you get dishearten but that’s the vital time in your life as you begin to redefine your priorities in life. And you prepare a to-do list setting the priorities on top.

You make smart strategy:

Mistakes are part of life. If you haven’t made any mistake, then you have not done anything yet. When you commit mistakes it opens your eyes and compels you to create a plan in order to succeed. If you already made a plan, then it makes you go through again and ensures you to make necessary changes.

When you fail, then you take a look in retrospect and realize that you were making mistakes earlier. You weren’t making proper planning along the way. But now your goals should be changed in fact make a smart strategy to accomplish your goals. A few mistakes you made will revise your approach.


Re-envision your goals:

Remember mistakes happen in life, but for this, you don’t need to change the goals, in fact, you need to see them more clearly. It is important to re-envision your goals and set them in your mind clearly. Setting goals in a right way is a key factor for your success. You just need to look back and re-envision your goals in your mind.

By doing this you are setting your goals in subconscious mind and it will work the way you want. Remember, mistakes happen by situation not by intention. So, gain more perspective and see things clearer.

Helps you manage your time:

I realized through mistakes, that I wasn’t an effective manager of time. And the same thing happens with everyone. It is an important note that through proper time management you will succeed. This is one of the mistakes you can learn from. In this world, everyone has the equal amount of time and at that exact time some people are successful and some are the failure.

It is because what you choose to do with that time matters. Instead of thinking you have lots of time, you should do work at that particular time.

You recognize your good and bad habits:

When you make mistakes, or when you fail you destroy some part of your ego. And once that ego is smashed, you recognize your bad habits. The mistakes you make in life; helps you learn to recognize your bad habits. You realize that your bad habits are the results of your failure.

So, if you have not made any mistake then it is your biggest mistake in life. You learn to not give up and in fact change your habits when you find that success means enough for you.

Hope these will help you in nourishing your future. You can also read some books that will help you clear your visions and even guide you in your success journey. There are many mistakes books and pdf that you can go through and I highly recommend you to read the book that is given below to clear your point of view.




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