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Imagine for a moment a mind store, the way of living- the place where your thoughts are and store all the things that happen to you or that you imagine. The mind store is furnished with everything that you think about yourself and what is going on with you. Whatever you see, learn and think all goes to that mind store. You can also see that much of your store is occupied with second-hand furniture. It is the old way of living and thoughts which were handed down to you whether from parents, school, mentors, friends and everyone else who has been with you. You can see that your mind has the old negative way of thinking.

One day, when I was watching television, suddenly there was a blast. I immediately called the mechanic, he told me to repair the fuse and rest the wires are fine. But before doing this he suggested me to change the television. But I thought, only fuse has to be repaired not a big deal. I listen to him and said yeah next time will think about changing right now you fix the fuse.

He fixed it and left. Again with the comfort, I started watching television. On the daytime, I go to do my work and night I relax my mind watching TV. After one month again there was a fault, again the person who fixed the fault advice to change the TV. But I told him to fix it this time also, as I was tired and was also irritated by the work and my day to day lifestyle. This time I thought that I will change the television. But because of office work, tiredness and laziness I dropped the idea and thought this one is also fine.

Again one day, the same thing happened but this time I thought of changing it. I purchase a new LED online and was calm and relax. Now that old TV stands on the sturdy legs of self-assurance. A new TV, bright colors and good quality pictures were just amazing.

The way of living quotes

“When things go wrong, don’t go with them”.

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness”.

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive you will see it”.

This time when I thought of my old furniture, I thought it was all my laziness, irritation of work and frustration and even my mindset which was throwing me back to not replace it. If I would have replaced it the first day, today an incredible sight that meets my eyes would have been that day. And It is how we want the way of good living when our mind replaces the old negative thoughts and fills it with the enthusiasm of promise and belief.

Live life to the fullest

And that is how positive thinking work. When I was not replacing my old TV I was lazy, tired of my work. I thought of changing but couldn’t as we work to live. Because of irritation, I keep my mind distracted. Our life is just like a fuse TV. When we replace our TV we get excited and happy with the new one, the way when we change our mind and fill it with positive thoughts and know the best way of living healthy.

That is the difference between just believing in positive thinking and creating it in life. It is fine to throw out the old but it is also important to fill it with the new one. The problem has been that in the past, no one gave us positive thoughts, a better way of living. Whatever people, society or friends have said and told we have filled our mind with that. And this way our mind now becomes a fuse TV. The concept of positive thinking fills our mind with enthusiasm, promise, and energy. We think of to live better and feel better about ourselves.

Thinking that I should change now or simply wanting to be a positive thinker isn’t enough. You have to implement the techniques that will help you to grow in your life and in the way of simple living. When you decide to stop thinking negatively, that is your day 1 to the success of promoting positive life. Just make a decision not to think negative again and set up in your subconscious mind. The popularly accepted form of positive thinking is an excellent concept that without a delay goes a long way toward helping you. It helps you to readjust your thinking and do better in lives. Fill yourself with the right words, energy, and belief that can work for you a lifetime.

So change that fuse old TV that is your negative thoughts and replace it with the new TV (positive thoughts). When you feel irritated, frustrated and tired it gives you signal to change your mind store. It tells you this irritation and a thought of changing TV but you don’t do it because of tiredness and laziness. Just the same way when you think of adopting positive thinking but couldn’t because of laziness. So, listen to your mind when it calls you to change, it loudly shouts so that you change him.

Life Quotes

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”.

“Do one thing every day that scares you”.

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