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Life and time have really changed in many ways. Old ways, attitudes, and way of living have changed. I met two people of the same age recently brought this point to me fairly dramatically. Rahul and I have been friends since the time we were preparing for the government exams. Rahul was the most diligent boy of our institute, his intelligence, a way of learning subjects, and razor-sharp mind, usually left everyone floundering. His father was in Police Department and his brother in the Ministry of Water Resources.

Even after his selection in Central Excise, we continued to keep in touch.  I always thought of him as having the perfect lifestyle. He was posted in Bangalore, though he belongs to UP and was doing great in his job. Once, I had to go to Bangalore on some work, and Rahul invited me to meet up. There I met him, and after some time, he told me that he is getting married. I was happy and congratulated him on his marriage which was after a month.

He saved enough money and gives it to the parents. Then I left the place after some more chits’ chats and left Bangalore too after my work was finished.

After one month he sends me his wedding card and surprisingly the same day my cousin Dev’s marriage was there, my maternal uncle Ramesh’s son. Dev was doing his own business. But I assured Rahul that I will come to meet him at home on his wedding day. The day came and Rahul was happy to see me and asked me to sit. Though he was an officer still he was very simple and kind. When I reached I thought that there will be some dance going on, or some lavish arrangements will be there. But I didn’t find any of these things. I was surprised to see the simplicity of the house and how the people were so adjustable. In a 50 yards house both the rooms were taken by ladies and gents were getting ready at some other place.

Rahul was also there. First time in my life I saw such an environment, where people are getting ready without any demands, they were extremely adjustable. On a wedding day they were not at all tensed, in fact, in 50 yards house they were happy to get in that small house. Surprisingly, at the last moment, they decided the color of the turban which Rahul has to wear on the same day. I thought the groom needs to get ready for everything on time but here it was all opposite.

In that small house, there was one bathroom and it was occupied by women one by one. So, Rahul decided to take bath outside by clipping the curtain behind him. I was amazed to see him; can anybody think that an officer working in Central Excise will marry like this? Well, I was just smiling and lastly wished him happiness and great future. I left and in a hurry, I visited my aunt house.

As I approached, I heard the sound of voices raised in argument. Some people were quarreling very loudly. I turned a corner and was surprised to behold the sight of Dev berating my uncle Ramesh.

He was showering his choices. In his extreme voice, he said, I need to look at my dress whether it is matching with my bride dress or not. Then, he finally saw me and asked me to come.  My aunt came and asked me tea or coffee. While I was having tea, again Dev discusses and make his requirements.  He asked to use the branded oil, face wash, and shampoo. Even he said that he will come by car to the venue.

He was the one who decided the venue and even the food that was to be served in the night. I was quietly watching him and was surprised. He has decided songs and even the choreographer who will teach him the steps. He was surrounded by his friends and his mother and father were preparing for the night.

After few hours I thought to go back home. To my surprise, Dev asked one more thing and he said I will not take bath in an awkward place, book a hotel for me. I looked at him surprisingly. Uncle and aunt were happy but tensed too. He has enough money to take care of all these things still he wasn’t happy after putting and fulfilling his demands.

The way of living meaning

As I left the place, sitting in the car I thought about Rahul. I thought to be an officer he was so simple in his living. On the last day, his parents were matching his dress and he doesn’t even know about this. He was taking bath without uttering a single word. Without any demands and screams, he was following his parents. The surprising thing was he was also enjoying this environment.

While on the other hand, Dev was just opposite. He has the freedom to shout, to put demands, to choose whatever he likes. And still, he was not happy. He was not even thinking of the expense, he was just demanding. His parents were happy but tensed too.  They all were spending money like water and showing their rich field of an ordinary son. But what to say he was not even happy and making arguments with his parents.

I know this has nothing to do with anybody’s life, but after so many days of this incident, I am still thinking, how people of same age have different lifestyles, opinions, demands, and living. Even a reputed government officer was very simple and an average businessman had so many demands, as if he is a prince, and was unhappy with the preparations.

There is no comparison but it’s all in the mind to change your way of living, that is a way of natural living. If we know how to remain happy, we can be happy and enjoy our life anywhere and in any situation and have a better way of living. Therefore, the way of living your life is all in your hand.


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    Dhairya Singh Chauhan, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

    1. Thankyou.. from our content writer team.

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    Dhairya Singh Chauhan , thanks a lot for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

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