Unsociable people

Have you ever thought why people choose to be alone? What are the reasons that make them live alone? Well, they most often do so because they are shy, they don’t want to interact with people or they are happy alone. In other words, you can say it’s shyness, avoidance or disconnected with the other people that make them unsociable. We all think that people who are alone, tend to have negative psychological outcomes. Some studies confirm that people who live lonely life have health issues too.

But now the researchers find a positive outcome in this aspect. They say, in one or the other form the thing that matters is motivation. I remember when I went to my sister’s house she always instruct her daughter to go outside and play with children. When my niece doesn’t want to go or play with the kids, she becomes disturbed because she thinks how her daughter will become social. How will she make new friends and what about her social connect?

So, the idea is that if in childhood or adolescence you are keeping away from people or social disconnect then there is a belief that you will be alone. Studies have shown that they are at great risk for low self-esteem, confidence, depression, sadness, and worries.

But it is the not the case with everyone, with the people who really want to spend time alone, or who are happy to be alone? Well, a study from the State University of New York found that not all social withdrawals are harmful. It’s just the thing that such people don’t seek out a lot of interpersonal contacts.

Researchers analyzed the people who are shy and the one who lives in solitude. They found that people who are shy and avoidant are less creative than the one who spends their time alone. Solitude is basically associated with freedom, creativity, spirituality, and self-motivation. We know others inspire us, whatever we read basically inform us, enhance our performance and develop our skills but for all this, we need quite a time. And to do all this it’s important that you spend some time for yourself. That is all solitude living.

In comparison, shyness and avoidance are found in people who are less creative and are associated with negative thoughts. It is important to know the difference between the people who are shy and the people who want to spend time alone.

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