Top 5 stories to change your life

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Top 5 stories to change your life


Change your life? Have you ever thought about this reality of life? Let’s forget first you answer the below questions. Do you remember when you were the kid you learned a subject named moral values? That time you don’t pay attention to the values that were written in the chapters but why it was so important that the schoolmasters make that subject compulsory to be learned in such a small age.

You know why? Because they believe if your root will be good, if the base on which you have to grow is good then only the leaves will be good. They told you to grow yourself, change yourself as the kid only so that in this roller coaster life you will not find problems as big issue.

Let’s take a pledge to change yourself by narrating these five goodly stories that I hope in the end you will remember your childhood subject.

Change your life

What is changing your life? When you commit mistakes our parents or elders recommend you to change your habit or change yourself. When someone finds that you are addicted to some bad habits, then they explain you the pros and cons and tell you to change yourself. They just want that you assure them that you will get rid of such habits.
So this journey of life first surrounds you and then the process goes to other people in your surroundings. To commit that you will change yourself is the only way to change your life.

There are many life-changing books that motivate you or tells you to follow some routines and assures you to find some difference in your life in a week or a month. But these books, pdf’s or any website will not do anything for you unless you decide to change your life. You are the only person who needs to implement the tips written in the book or some other place, the policies which have life insurance with your life to live.

Let’s see what’s here on the plate. Here are top five stories that will definitely change your life and will trigger your actions and policies. Let’s change your life.


There were two students returning to their home from the Gurukul. They both were equally intelligent and industrious. On the way, they met a saint while they were returning. They both said to the saint that he check their intelligence. The saint accepted the request and prepared a quick-fire round for both of them. In that, both win the round and saint declared both of them equally intelligent.

Both of them were not agreed they said let’s have one last round. Saint said okay let’s take a test you both have to pick stones while your way. Both did the same then saint started saying bad words to one of them. The first person becomes angry while the second student was calm.

Then saint started saying abusive words to the second student. Then also the student was at peace but the first student was angry and thrown all the stones that he gathered. Saint at that moment said the second student is more intelligent in both of you. Both were shattered by listening to his words. They said how the saint explained I made such remarks to check your intelligence. The second student, remained calm while you were angry and even thrown your stones that you gathered with your hard work.


Don’t be angry on small things. To get anger is a natural way to express emotions but it should be understood when and how to express your anger. Anger is the biggest enemy of a person. The words you say in anger will blemish on your character.

Anger is the bad thing to happen in human life. Have you ever thought what the reason behind so many murders is or what’s the mystery that is behind every evil incident? One of the reasons behind it is anger. In anger, people don’t realize what mistakes they are doing in this real world. A line which I read somewhere was “A knife and a sword were fighting that let see who will make a deeper cut but behind them, words were laughing”. Because when you get angry you say such words which cannot be removed, which has no such eraser to erase such words from life.
Therefore don’t be angry it is the biggest mistake of a person in his life.

change your life


Okay, let me ask you a question.  How many of you keep patience when your boss tries to criticize you publicly? Or when somebody asks you question twice do you really patiently answer his question thrice? What do you think patience plays a big part in your life? Or it’s just a testing tool of one of your life character.

When you were kid your mother did all the possible efforts to make you learn lessons in English and Hindi. First, she teaches you the alphabets in English which are actually difficult and a tedious task. Still, she keeps patients and wants us to learn the alphabets. Same when we learn counting’s your mother teach you 100 times to pronoun them and in fact, she makes sure that you write them correctly. But you don’t. And your mother still tells you the numbers from the beginning.

When you grow up she was always there for you to take care of you. She cared that you get food on time. You prepare for your exams properly. She takes care of little things that can bother you in your success.

She is growing old on the journey of making you successful. You are going to the office and she sits and waits for you until evening. She asked you to make her learn to work on the computer but you don’t have time. One day you taught the computer but she didn’t get the first time. The second day she asked the same question you told her again. The third day she forgets what you told her second day you said her mom please write down on paper. I can’t tell you all the way again. And the fourth day when she tried from paper still she made mistake. Then you started shouting at her mom I told you earlier and in fact on paper. Why don’t you get it?

What she said

That day your mother told you that when you were kid she makes you learn the numbers, alphabets, and spellings hundred times. She not even loses her patience to tell you the things from the first point. And now when she wants to learn from you, you cannot have a patience for half an hour or in four days you get so sick that you don’t want to tell her new things.


Is there any other epitome of patience you think is more valuable than your childhood memories? No. Patience is a cure for all the diseases. To have patience
means you have a medicine for all the aches that you feel in life. It is an asset of a person. Who has this quality will easily cross the hurdles of life. He is a true self-motivator. Self-motivation comes with patience. Both are reciprocal to each other.

This story will definitely throw you back in your childhood memories. And yes when you lose patience remembers this story. You will definitely find a change in you. It will definitely be going to change your life. It will force you to have the remembrance of your childhood and make you feel nostalgic.

Not to find intentions

There was a couple living in a rental flat. The landowner was very rude to them or you can say they have such behaviour. One day landowner said that they are getting divorced. She told the couple to leave the place in five to ten days. The couple was very upset that they have to search a new place in such short period of time. They contacted here and there to find another place for living. After 5 days they found that the tap was broken they complained to the owner. They said will repair it the next day.

Next day they found that aero water was also not working. The couple thought that the landowner is doing it intentionally just to throw out that couple from their house. After two days when they returned from their home back to flat they find that the tap was repaired and aero was also repaired. Then the couple feels the guilt of thinking wrong about the owner.


Don’t find other people wrong always. There might be situations when your circumstances are also not in your hand and that time you started starring other people as if they are also doing wrong with you. Remember don’t find intentions in other people’s doing, it might be they don’t want to do it but the things happened.


There were two best loving friends named Charu and Parul. Both live as there is a blood relation and are real sisters. Fortunately, both get selected in the same office with the same work designation. Charu is quite sincere and gives her 100% while doing anything whereas Parul intelligent but she works on her terms. The company’s boss was happy with Charu’s work and always praises her. He also praises Parul but always gives her work to fix here and there. When performance scale counted Charu got more marks then Parul. Slowly colleagues started praising Charu and Parul start getting jealous.

Parul was so angry with her that she has changed her room, she even shouts at Charu and makes sure that Charu never gets any chance to handle any project. One day Charu asked Parul why are you behaving differently. I am your same friend from 8 years so why are you behaving so? Parul didn’t answer her and one day boss asked Parul to leave the office. Then Parul realized that such conspiracy for Charu will never work. Parul has to change her attitude of doing work. She said sorry to Charu and realized her mistake.


Jealousy can break anything that you might have saved for years. It is not a good habit to appreciate. Don’t be jealous of people, in fact, you should learn from them that what different they are doing in their work that people are appreciating them. Improve yourself in those areas and even change yourself as in the end it’s your life that will be upgraded. Love yourself, change yourself you are the true motivator for yourself.

change your life

History repeats itself

This is a tragic or very emotional story of a lady who has just stepped into her new life after marriage. We all know generally, that a lady’s best friend after marriage is her brother-in-law who is younger to her husband.

Likewise, this lady named Lalita has a brother-in-law who is in an affair with a girl, studying in his college only. Only one month they met each other and bound in love. Lalita knew about his affair and tried to convince her brother-in-law not to marry her, but despite this, he didn’t listen and found himself in a never-ending relationship with the girl.

Unaware of the fact, Lalita then accepted them and tried to favour him in front of rest of the family members as it was a matter of family’s reputation. But she didn’t know that she will be blamed of all this for her whole life, by the family members including her brother-in-law and his wife.

After some time there comes a baby boy to brother-in-law. Everyone was very happy and did every possible thing for their kid. They have never let the boy come closer to Lalita.

When he grew up and became 23yrs old. He falls in love with his own cousin. She was also a girl from a poor family background, like his own mother.

Everyone and everybody, in the family, tried to convince the boy not to marry her. As it was a prestige issue, as our society doesn’t permit this kind of relationship. After all, it was a prestige issue. But the boy did not listen to anyone. He did the same thing, as done by his father i.e., Lalita’s brother-in-law. And the whole scenario has changed his brother-in-law life.


There are situations which you cannot handle. God has centred those things according to destiny. You cannot take destiny in your hand. Don’t blame people who are your well-wishers, don’t blame destiny for what you get. If you committed a mistake then it’s all because of you. You cannot blame another person for your deeds.

Remember everyone has to pay for their sins. People are here to help each other so before rebuking to the other person don’t forget that such things can happen to you and can even change your life. So change yourself before the life changes you.

I bet if you have read these stories then you will think about the situations which are mentioned above. You can phase the same thing or it can be you have started realizing your mistakes.

You don’t need the experience to think over for 5 minutes that what is happening in this world or in our society.

People are suffering from one of us only. You have made mental asylums to declare them mentally ill, but what about the madness that is going on in this real world. Take a commitment to change yourself first, change your life and then the world you will find big changes in your life.






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