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I recently heard a speech by a prominent TEDx speaker, who suggested some of the measures to think out of the box and out of the comfort zone. He explains how you can generate ideas? But before that, I thought why I need to think out of the box outside the box and why to generate ideas. I always think why some of the people are creative, innovative, or inventive, and others fail when they try to do something unique? Here’s the most prominent speaker, Giovanni Corazza, who explained in his speech that people are creative but they are frightened of being wrong.

This really means to me because in our early learning days or you can say when we were kids, we play with legos or clays. Through those legos, we build a beautiful framework whether house or garden or whatever we feel like. Because the curiosity that we have in our earlier days lead us all to do something creative. And that’s true. Earlier we don’t think of good or bad but now we all afraid of taking risks.

Creativity quotes

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”.

“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture”.

Here the everyday examples of thinking outside the box

I remember, when I visited my niece house she was playing with clays and I was simply watching her in a curious way. As I was thinking that she will make some boy or a girl with clay. But she made a big round shaped, a thick table without legs. I was like it’s okay she doesn’t know what to make. But suddenly she surprised me saying ” here’s a cake for my doll”. And I was shocked with the mindset that she was thinking and I couldn’t catch her. Then my imagination creates a party hall and celebrations.

This is how she takes me out of my sense and told me that it’s not necessary to create the same old things from a particular thing. You can do your work in many ways and even in more innovative ways. And this is how to change the routine of the same work you do.

Here’s how to think outside the box and generate ideas:

  • Think out of the box

The first thing is to ask yourself is “why”. Why you need to think out of the box because inside the box you are always safe and sound. You agree with everybody else and you don’t feel like taking the risk for the organization that took many years to build. You don’t want to risk it because it is your reputation too and you don’t want to lose it. To think in a box is a kind of coffer for you. But you need to think out of the box as it is our necessity.

To think out of the boxes is not about the mind, it is the boundary of our mind. We all can have external boundations but internally you can think infinite things. We don’t know what is outside and we feel safe inside the box. When we have a particular area to think about that time we know the specifications, the knowledge or the requirements but as we told to think of something which you don’t know. Then you feel it risky because it is for sure that nobody else’s knows. And you have to think something beyond the convergent thinking.

For this, it’s important to have divergent thinking something that takes us far.

This is the essential mechanism to cross the borders of our minds from what we know to what we haven’t yet thought about. It is really a potential situation that immediately tells us to go back and it’s not safe. And that’s the temptation we need to gulp down or resist. We all need to say a big “YES” or value long thinking. This is not to judge anything that you do but to think and go into the flow of imagination where the things are taking you. When you read a storybook you don’t need to question the actors and you go with the flow of the story. You imagine how the person in the story doing the things.

And here’s the clue for you also, you must do the same thing with your concepts. You need to go far and for this, you must use a combination of ideas.

  • Generate think out of the box ideas

There is a connectivity in the world. Everyone is connected to a network and in the end, everyone thinks the same. But to think out of the box you have to generate ideas. You need to be open-minded and accept all the things that are coming your way. To accept the challenges or saying YES to every opportunity will definitely give you some path.

When we solve a problem in mathematics, we solve it not in one way but we find many alternatives to solve that particular sum. This way, if you have one solution to solve that problem then you must find an alternative to solve the same problem. This concept of generating new ideas to solve the same problem leads you to think out of the box.

But what is the value of that new idea?

How we find that the new idea that we came up with will work? It is really difficult to assess it because you have never seen it before. It seems to come in a place which you don’t know and have never read. And you become afraid of this risk because it is a tendency or a natural mechanism to think that you don’t need to become an inventor.

But we have to resist this fear because this kills our own ideas. You need to allow to value your idea if you want to take a breath in a creative environment. Use your divergent information and irrelevant thoughts to come and take space in your mind. You have to prepare a mixture of all the information that you gathered and think about it. And if you do this then you value your idea, you allow the environment to generate ideas and accept to take the risk.

Now when you go to work on something then ask these simple questions. What is needed to make your work better? why we need to think out of the box or why you need to give any creative idea to your boss? These interrogatives why and what will give you many ideas to think about your work.

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3 thought on “Why to think out of the box and generate ideas – Creativity measure”

  1. Skilled Self says:

    I totally agree thinking out of box stretches your mind and expands the horizons of your thinking capacity and perception. But we are not trained to think out of box and stick to the rules and regulations taught to us. It should be practised to develop this skill through regular thinking out of box in every situation as it also improves critical and analytical thinking.

  2. Rishabh Ahlawat says:

    Absolutely true !!!

    OSHO also says, ” To be creative means to be in love with life.”

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