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A large amount of the work has been done over the decades to find out the science behind creativity. Whether you are mesmerized by Leonardo da Vinci about his paintings or Albert Einstein about spacetime theories. Both the pieces of work is the breathtaking creativity. The secret behind our creativity is imagination. Imagination compels us to think beyond our limits and fill colors to them in its own way. As God has not distinguished persons while giving the talents in the same way imagination is like a wind that takes us to another world. It expands our thinking and gives us new ideas.

But can you train yourself to be imaginative? Why don’t we follow our imagination and become different to it?Theories of creativity have focused on the creative process or products, the creative person, and the creative work. And here are some of the reasons that science says about creativity.

What is the secret of creativity according to science

Basically, the secret of creativity is to hide your sources.


Imagination is bird’s flying in the sky, that we put feathers in our thoughts and fly to the pinnacle. Creative imagination is more than the everyday creativity. It is not about solving problems in day to day life but to indulge in them and become more creative. Creative inspiration is very difficult to catch. Being creative or to have that state of creativity is the aim of many people.

As it’s quite difficult to gain but not impossible. You can get creative imagination by working hard. We all know that some people are more creative in personality than others. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get that state of creativity. When you find someone doing creative work you can get boosted to the creative work imagination and become more creative.

Phases of creative imagination

You can find two phases of creative imagination that are “Divergent thinking” and “Convergent thinking”. Divergent thinking is to get more creative ideas by considering many possible solutions. It is followed in several directions to lead more and more ideas. It finds many solutions and picks the best idea that suits. The creative process doesn’t take you directly to the solution, but by giving the many possible ideas you will definitely find the best solution. Divergent thinking brings out many possible ideas or you can say that it generates limitless ideas to generate the one.

Whereas Convergent thinking focuses on the limited solutions. There are a finite number of solutions rather than many possible solutions. According to dictionary dot com, Convergent thinking is the ability to give correct solution to standard questions that do not require deep creativity. It focuses on giving one idea to the main problem rather than giving the infinite solutions.


Thinking in a limit

Convergent thinking clears the creative thinking. This is also very important as creativity is not all about thinking out of the box but you can be creative by thinking inside the box. In a limit thinking, in fact, expands your mind and give you possible solutions. To be in a limit gives you a beginner’s guide to getting more creative. To think of a limit process is simple and familiar. By birth, we do such process and create new ideas. So, now also it works for us if we enclose yourself. In fact, it will open new doors to think divergent.

Fantasy inclination

I wonder how people get lost in their imagination and then tries to implement them. A few days back I came up with an idea to make a project where I will show positivity everywhere and I got so many ideas that actually happened in the fantasy world. This shows your tendency to have highly realistic fantasies and the level of engagement in imaginary worlds.

Fantasy imagination increase daydreaming, you will always find yourself in thinking a lot and may distract you from your work. You escape from reality and you make your own world where there is your imagination and nothing else. It improves creative problem solving and creates divergent thinking. When you play a lot and participate in more curricular activities or plays then you tend to have more fantastical imagination.

Real imagination

You can say it episodic imagination where you use real ideas but in an episodic way and not the imaginary ideas. This type of imagination helps people to think of their past and helps them to learn from their mistakes. They came to know what good and bad they did and try to correct them in the mind’s eye. Here you can imagine your future also and try to implement it in your life.

It is always said that imagine the things to happen and it will take place. But here it is quite different here you can to think of the future process and not the outcome. Studies showed that student who gives his exams by predicting the outcome he or she does the worse in exams. But the student who focus on the process to get the result definitely succeeds. Perhaps there is something to keep in mind for your New Year’s resolution?

We all have imaginary abilities to various degrees, and it’s difficult to imagine where humankind would be without it. So I don’t how many pages you will cover of any novel but yes there are many ways to boost creativity. With play, activities, and actions it makes you smarter and more creative.



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