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When I think of the countries other than India then I always remember people talking about cleanliness and lifestyle. But according to me each and every country gives the right to everyone to prosper and succeed through hard work, innovation, and excellence. And same goes for India.

One day, when I was visiting Jaipur I met one of my friends there. He was preparing for ssc board. He was so determined for this exam and was even keen to clear the ssc exam. I was impressed by seeing his determination and asked him the reason to join Indian government. He said to me that when he will be selected then the reasons that we give to visit other countries or whatever we complain about India he will make sure to prepare a team to work on all that. It means he has a pure reason to join the Indian Government and therefore he was giving the exams.

Moreover, he told me that he will help his family also. But the great ssc exam benefit according to him is that every citizen in India work hard, and succeed through innovation and creativity. Until he does this, he will never feel that he has been a complete life. One day he gave his exam that is ssc cgl that is combined graduate level. He prepared well and after few days he got the information that the paper is leaked and the government will take the exam on other dates.

He was shocked but still, he patiently started preparing the exam. Then, another notification came that again the date is postponed. This time he was impatient and I too feel bad. He was preparing for the SSC exam but he is losing his faith from the Indian Government.

His hopes, dreams are vanishing and are becoming fade. He was upset. It has been years that students prepare for such ssc cgl exams or other ssc exams. But don’t know why the system doesn’t take it seriously. Students dreamt of doing different things but all ruins after such situations.

Indian Government Conclusion

I am often not an expert on what I am writing on, but I am giving my opinion now. What I think is of the greatest importance is that we should do something for this system. Such situations sometimes give the feeling that might be a government run by one person or few. Students think of government facilities and government fund but here it is really difficult to make India a better place.

All of us need to engage with the issues involving our country. Students have some dreams regarding their government job. They are excited that they will help their family and will improve and help the country in some or the other way when they will be selected. But the situations of the paper leak or other problems make students feel bad and disappointed.

They have their own desire of becoming a government employee but it is important to change the system and change for the better. It is not important how you feel on 26th January and 15th August the thing that is important is to make India a better place. Those students who are preparing for the government exam put their future at stake if such things happen.

So, instead of comparing India on cleanliness or other issues. It is important if you make a proper system and follow it. Because when there will be system then there will be hope for our country. It is important to understand that there is just one India and as Indian, it is our responsibility to make it a better place.


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