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You know why you run behind other people that they should love them. Because you forget that you really love yourself. The main reason behind it is that they don’ love themselves. They want to run around, find happiness here and there. They think that someone will come and make their life full of joy and ecstasy.

There are many questions, but the answer is unexplainable. If you are talking about the divine love of Radhaji and Kanhaji then it is eternal and much more like the love of Heer-Ranjha, Adam-Eve, Farhan-Shiri, Laila-Majnu these love cannot be explained in simple terms.

Many people talk about “self-love” but do you really need to love yourself. Today one thing that we all are not doing and facing the problem is how to love yourself when you don’t know how? How can we remain happier, if you only love yourself?

 You really love yourself

Being loved by someone is a great feeling to have but more important is to love yourself completely. Sometimes people are in a dilemma of happiness as someone will come to love them. They don’t understand the value of their own and are dependent on another person, whereas to love yourself is a feeling to give you a self-importance or pompous about yourself.

These are two situations in which we can remain happy. But which one is more important for your life. I think I have an answer to this question i.e., to keep yourself happy is more important; to value yourself is more important. And in order to keep yourself happy, you need to love yourself, which in itself depends on fulfilling your own wishes and desires.

So let’s see what’s here in the platter the 10 signs you know yourself, to release self-neglect and love you:

Self-Acceptance- signs of self-love

Accept yourself the way you are, live and love yourself the way you are. Believe in yourself. Try to figure out every day, what are your likes and dislikes. It is more important to know how you speculate yourself when you start noticing your habits you will realize that somewhere you need changes and this change will bring a new life to you.

It is not necessary that others will love you. You should stop blaming yourself for this because no-one in this world is perfect. Even there are so many people you don’t like. When Shri Krishna was borne everyone was happy but there are people who were not happy. Then why you need that everyone should be happy because of you. Keep doing your best. Your disappointment to yourself is an array of disappointments of others.

Acceptance and love come from within; when you realize this amazing concept you will always be happy. You cannot make others love to you if you don’t love yourself. So stop pitying you and accept the way God has made you because he loves you.

Meditation and Journal

Start your day with yourself, for yourself. Wake up early in the morning and meditate for 5 minutes at least every day and gradually increase the time from 5-10 minutes subsequently. Read daily journals, gain some knowledge, not for the sake of others, but for your own benefit. Meditating daily may help you understand better and keep your mind calm and day with positive enough to take important decisions.

Slowly and gradually, you will come to realize that there is no time to hate yourself, and, others also love you because now you respect yourself.

love yourself

What happens when you don’t love yourself: Stop seeking the approval of others

You are your own king and queen then why you need the approval of others? If you want to keep yourself happy and want to love yourself then stop seeking the approval of others. This is one of the best ways to keep you happy.

Everyone has different views, opinions and even perspectives, therefore, seeking the approval of others can or may disappoint you. You should understand that to live your life you don’t need anybody else’s permission. You can take your own decisions.

Just believe in yourself and do whatever is good for you, because you know better about yourself, as to what you want, what you like and what you don’t want to have. Seeking permission of others simply means that you are seeking permission of another person to interfere in your life.

Accept Uncertainty

Life is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it can even take a 360-degree turn and you will not able to analyze what just has happened to you. Therefore whatever good or bad comes in your life accept it. Sufferings whether from the past or any current situation can lead you back to the situation of hating yourself.

So you have to accept that anything can happen but also remember that nothing is permanent in this world. Anything can happen at any time in life but it’s you who have that knowledge to handle and accept the situations. But how to deal with these situations is the biggest challenge.

Accept the people and situation as they are and as they come your way. Keep yourself calm and pacify, love yourself, believe in yourself that you can resolve the issues without any hustle and bustle.

Every person, now and then, is and has to suffer their bad times. You have to accept that you are not the only one suffering in life, it is a part of life, so instead of running around here and there just face them boldly.

Positive surrounding

There are two surroundings, two thoughts and two ways to live life. One is negative and the other is positive. Negativity brings depression, stress, and bad words whereas positivity helps you to grow more and more. But negative people influence you the most.

Keep an arm’s length distance from the negative people, from the people who let you down. In this world, you will find people who are less interested in appreciating you. They will never appreciate you, in fact, will find ways to criticize you or to condemn you.

At this situation, give yourself some space, some time to think do you really need their appreciation? Is this the only thing left in life, that you should be appreciated by others? I don’t think so to love yourself or you look good or any positive trait you want appreciation. Stay away from such people because they don’t deserve to be there in your life.

Explore new ideas

When you travel somewhere you always find yourself relax and happy. Because that time you are exploring new things, new place and might new incidents. This is really interesting to note that, change is the part of life. Life should be simple but boring and dumb life every day will make you lethargic and again the old past will bother you.

Try to explore new things, write down new ideas that you have and take pictures. Do those things you like, it will energize you and there will some excitement there in you. Give yourself a fair chance to explore new ideas and opportunities. Remember you don’t There is always a new beginning. This will keep you busy and help in healing yourself.

Embrace the mistakes

When you take a decision then it is not necessary that all time you will be successful. You should be prepared for your mistakes, how to handle them and what all techniques you can use to not repeat them. As a wrong decision will make you learn how to take a right decision next time.

So give yourself some time for taking a right decision instead of not taking a decision at all. Do mistakes because they will give you a correct answer and a new idea to do work more productive.

Believe in yourself

The impossible word when breaks down denotes I M Possible. So nothing is impossible in this world. The only thing we need to learn is how to grab them. Change your attitude, perspective and you will see everything changes.

Love yourself and you will get to know your importance. It is important when every time you take a decision then you believe in yourself. Your mind should believe in your abilities. The only thing we need to identify is what you are aiming for or what you want from life? This will make your path easy to understand, which way you have to step in.

Start making changes

Change is the only constant. It is always better but it should only be a positive change. Just don’t rush over those things that made you happy in the past. Try to change the way the things you used to do in the past. This will enhance your skills, increase your knowledge.

Do the things differently and it will give you different output and may be better than before. You should try doing those things that you have never done before in your life, so that you may feel changes in your own life and even feel good when you complete your task.

Show Gratitude

Last but not the least! Why everyone pays lots of attention in showing gratitude. Show gratitude to others, show gratitude towards life, have a heart towards the things that God has given to you, those who have made your life meaningful. Show gratitude to the creator, for this beautiful world.

But first of all show gratitude towards you. Say thanks to God he has given you such a beautiful life. When you wake up to see yourself in the mirror and pay gratitude to God for giving this beautiful life. We cannot change the things that have been written but yes if you believe in yourself then you can change your destiny.

What all you need to do is encourage yourself, love yourself, believe in yourself, forgive yourself, love yourself, and be true to yourself. You yourself set standards for people, as to how you treat yourself. So let’s have some good deed and make this world goes around you.

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