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Alright, you can do this. One more time and you can do this. I was continuously saying this to me and a stranger asked me to help me. Then I came across I was talking to myself. Yes, I was and it is not because I am losing my marbles. I am OK and I am not suffering from mental disorder. Yes, it is not at all correct that talking to yourself means you have a serious problem. Because it turns out talking to yourself is a self-directed or private speech which can actually be super helpful.

It is the best way we have ever found to change our programs is by listening to self-talk. It is a practical way to live our lives in the present and by active intent. With self-talk, we have a way to give a path to our imagination and thoughts. A few days ago, I was confused in one of my affairs. I talked to myself and continuously asked questions so that I come to the point what I actually want. With some pros and cons, I came to a point and try to get an answer.

After some time, I felt relaxed. I found that talking to myself has given me strength and power of decision making. I was more creative and generated new ideas that lead me to a path.  Yes, when we talk to ourselves we try to see the things more objectively. And therefore it matters how you talk to yourself. So start talking to yourself in a positive way to increase the performance and function of your brain.

It changes your old programming to the new one when you give yourself a continuous message whether at loud or in your mind, it increases your attention and concentration power. It makes you more decisive and controls your emotions. As talking to yourself sign of genius is crucial to self-explaining and generally helpful for learning.

Talking to yourself sign of intelligence

A study conducted by researchers found that talking to yourself helps you focus, find the things faster and even keep you organized. Yes, it helps you manage the things in a better way. Your ability to locate the things now is faster. Whatever work you are doing it keeps you organized.

When a problem arises, it’s common that we run around or talk to friends. But the important thing that will help you in this is talking to yourself. As talking to yourself relieves stress, you can talk about anything to yourself whatever you like.

Here are some benefits of talking to yourself:

  • Enhances creativity: Yes, talking to yourself enhances your creativity. When you talk to yourself you generate new ideas. You listen to your instinct and take a ride which is far away from your mind. It tells you to think more and more and come out when you get the answer.
  • Motivates you: When you talk to yourself it brings energy to you. You keep on telling yourself to do the work. You get power to speak loud your words that can alleviate pain and decrease stress.
  • Cheer yourself: It’s ok if others are not appreciating you. You can pat your back and say well done. When you say what is in your heart you make yourself happy and tell yourself that you are a good human being.

I think if you haven’t done so already, then start talking to yourself everyday. It tells you how important you are.

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