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Tag: subconscious mind

May 12 2018
subconscious mind power

How to use your Subconscious Mind Power to make things happen

What is subconscious mind power? Do you know you carry assets in your heart? And to get it you need to open your eyes and see that you carry a big bundle of fantasy things that you can take to lead a happy, ecstasy and meaningful life. Sometimes people don’t understand their own feelings and […]

Apr 26 2018
mind store

The way of living: Replace the old one with the new one

Imagine for a moment a mind store, the way of living- the place where your thoughts are and store all the things that happen to you or that you imagine. The mind store is furnished with everything that you think about yourself and what is going on with you. Whatever you see, learn and think […]

Feb 12 2018

A machine that never stops to give output

How it would be if there was a machine that never stops, a wheel that forever spins and a clock that never stops ticking. Suppose that you get an endless source of free energy and you are making the world according to you. These are but the dreams of the inventors like you to have […]