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Okay! Picture a situation where you have an exam. You have completed your exam and you are thinking whether you will clear it or not. You asked your mother she sympathizes with you. Then you asked your friends whether you will clear the exam or not. The whole day you try to keep yourself busy still you have that curiosity to know the result.  You think of it again and again and asked some questions like “what will happen”?

Every day you think about the result. But what do you think your overthinking has assured you that you have cleared the exam. Or your result is declared because of your over-thinking. I think none of the things have happened. In fact, by thinking again and again and thinking out loud you have made yourself negative. Now, who will declare your result, your mind? Yes, because you have set some of the conclusions that were actually not true. The mind makes you believe by making you think about the problem; it will solve it.

You go round and round thinking of the exam or thinking of the future.But, it will not give you a solution, in fact, it will set your mind the way you want. Instead of improving your skills, you are wasting your time thinking hard. You should have tried to calm your mind and joined some course to learn more. But you didn’t.

The obvious question now is “How to stop overthinking and start taking action”? And as usual for every problem, there is a solution. So, for this problem also there is a solution. Below I will mention some steps that will help you taking action instead of thinking illogical and even will take your thinking level on the different track.

Aware of your thoughts:

This is the first step in how to stop overthinking. Get aware of your thoughts. Most of us spend our lifetime thinking of past situations or something that just has happened. Because we don’t realize it and not even aware of it. This will make our thinking negative all the time.

But to stop going round and round you have to start gradually. When you get stuck on something just get aware of it. You can think of it. But don’t overthink it. If you have any solution to the problems, then you don’t need to think and if you don’t have then also you don’t need to think. So, give yourself some space and be open-minded.

Set your deadline:

Set a time for your goal. Whether it’s a life goal or a day goal you need to set a deadline or a time to complete it. This way you will think of the things that you need to do. It compels you to complete your work within time. And yes this is the main reason why you overthink because you don’t act upon it.

Stop being a perfectionist:

I think the real problem is here, your thinking psychology is something else. When you think of doing work you think there is no solution for it and therefore you don’t take any action. You’re likely a perfectionist and get worried that you will make mistake.

If this rings true for you, then I think it is important for you to cultivate self-compassion, accept the things as they are and think it’s OK to make mistakes. Help yourself to get your fixed mindset and stop thinking too much.

Search inside you

What you will have to do is to search inside yourself. Yes, inside you is a hidden treasure that you can get if you try to find it. God has blessed everyone the same one. But it depends on us how we see, thinking out of the box will help you to come out of overthinking. Try to find those beliefs that are within you and believe in yourself through the thinking process.

Clarify your vision

It is important to have a clear vision in life. Set your timeline for Who I Am to Who I Want To Be. By creating a vision, you are clearly imagining your goals. Whatever your present state is whether stressed out, in pressure or in the depression of not fulfilling your goals. But if you visualize your goal that you want to accomplish then you can think of it and get it done right now by clarifying your goals.

It’s really time to get clear from the very first step. Though it will take time to get in your mind constant practice can help you in achieving your goals.

Review your progress

Track your daily goals by preparing a to-do list. Make a progress report and check it out from your previous performance. This way you can identify any corrective action which may need to be taken. You can also review your progress by estimating yourself through numbers like 1 to 10 or grading yourself. This will keep you on track and will help you feel more competent and effective.

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