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Life is a blank canvas, it’s you who write the story and that story becomes your life. So, in such unpredictable journey, it is important that what you right should determine the correct attitude towards life.  God has given us some power as he has given us birth as a human being to do something meaningful in life. We as human beings have the power to change the things, to change the attitude that determines our choices. What we want to become or how to lead our life all depends on us.

Life is like day and night that when the day comes then night goes and vice versa. The only thing that can be changed is you and your thoughts. Take a look around, where are you, what are you doing and examine everything that surrounds you. Don’t you think it is all because of you where you stand right now? A mind is a powerful tool that can do anything you want.

We all have achieved something in our life. We have done so many innovations, discoveries still we are not able to unlock the secret of changing things. If we can bring new changes for our comforts like airplanes, ships, machines and much more then why can’t we change ourselves first for better future?

We spend lots of time focusing on other’s fault. We want to change the things but don’t want to change ourselves. Our suggestions or recommendations are either for government policies or for the people around us but not for ourselves.

It is really difficult to change your attitude and way of speaking.

“I will live the way I am” is the common statement that everyone believes in and to change their living is really difficult. But it is entirely possible, you can change your living and anything if you have that determination and dedication. When we do something for the first time we think that it is not possible. But the reality is you can do everything

Here are some key points that will help you in focusing the things:

Identify what you want:

It is common to get disappointed in life. There are hurdles in life but how we have to give a race to it is very important. You try to change your mind but you become motionless and think how to do. Clearly identifying what you want in life is the best thing to do.

Identify your problems and write them down on a piece of paper. When you identify your problem it will give you a clear vision. You can prepare a list and write down what you want in life. Write about your good qualities and try to focus on them only. Problems if taken as challenges will work like an opportunity. So, instead of focusing on the bad part try to find out what good you can do from it.

Prepare a list of reasons why you need a change in your life. What is the thing that is lacking in you and why you need to focus on those things? This way you can write your thoughts and start working on them.


Practice forgiveness:

One day when I was going to college I found a boy beating his friend. I found it disgusting and thought why he is beating him. Then I got to know his friend cracked a joke on him in front of his parents. So he was beating his friend for this. Can you believe we got hurt in small things and started making plans of hurting others either in the way they did or the other way that we like?

But the moral is we have to hurt. But why? Can’t we stop doing abusive things? Or is it necessary to hold grudges? According to me all the conflicts that occur in our mind are all due to misunderstandings. And misunderstanding is because of lack of communication. Every time we think of our self-esteem and ego in small things and don’t try to understand the concept. We jump to the conclusions without seeing the facts. Therefore, practice forgiveness instead of jumping to the conclusion which gives you negative thoughts.

Change your strategy:

If you continue doing exactly what you are now doing, then don’t be surprised when you don’t see any increase or change in your results. To get greater benefits in future it is important to change what you are doing in the present. In order to produce better results, your strategy and method should be changed.

Wearing good clothes and having lavish life will not change the things until you change your strategy. Notice small things that work for you and remove those which don’t. It is important to monitor your skills and good qualities continuously.

Change your environment:

Changing your environment doesn’t mean that you run away from school or home. It is meant to go in a positive environment and sit silently to nurture your skills. To become positive, you need to get rid of the negative environment or the surroundings that discourage you. Because change is as good as a rest.



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