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science and spirituality quotes

“We’re in a spiritual crisis right now – even to say the word seems odd or weird to many people”.

“Doubt is important to personal development. It’s doubtful that keeps you asking questions and broadens your beliefs”.

“Spirituality is inseparable from life. It is a way of experiencing the truth of this moment with a clear mind and an open heart. Life is this truth manifest. We always question is science and spirituality connected? Are science and spirituality mutually exclusive? Is spirituality a science?

Though both science and spirituality occupies the position equally distant from the ends or extremes. To be precise both seek the true reality of nature. The goal of science is to understand the fundamental principles of the universe and aware all its diverse forms. Whereas spirituality if we check out dictionary then it’s the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

It means through spirituality one can gain wisdom and get that strength to face any hurdles. Somehow a feeling has developed that science is opponent to spirituality. Therefore, it’s important to examine both the parts broadly as both give a narrow meaning. Science has often seemed at be at odds with religion. Yet there is a form of spirituality with which science has no conflicts.

The science discovers the order of the external space, world, and matter. If we go into deep both have originated out of human eagerness for knowledge or it’s inquisitiveness. We want to look at what is happening in our surrounding, why and how such things are happening? We all want to inquire small things and if talk about our surrounding then why the sky is blue, the grass is green, why animals are living on the same land? Why there are day and night?

science and spirituality

In the same way, questions like – Who am I? What is the purpose of life? Why there is an anger or frustration in me? How we all get attracted towards negative more instead of positive? Why we have taken birth and why we need to die? What is death? Where we all go after death? There were so many researchers that go through in order to answer these questions but none can answer where we go after death.

There were great enquirers who tried to come upon a truth, they tried to communicate and the things that came out of that knowledge is love, compassion, and gratitude. And thus they became religious leaders around whom the organized religions have built up.

How compatible are science and spirituality?

We all have heard this Sanskrit saying “Ahimsa Paro Dharma” which states “There is no religion higher than truth”. Still, why and how the science has advanced so much and when we talk of understanding ourselves, or perceive the consciousness why mankind has failed in that? Some of the people in today’s world like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, The CEO at the Art of Living Organisation and earlier our learned and knowledgeable people like Buddha and Christ have tried to think of it.

But rest of the people have not really come upon it. This has created a crooked development in the society which in turn is creating the crisis in the world. One of the reasons that you can say why science has proved so much because there is something or the other that is going on in nature. Nature has its own laws and science has always tried to work and analyze the things according to those certain laws.

Whereas one cannot simply come into knowledge, everyone wants the insight of truth. Without that insight, which is a direct perception of truth there is no other way of consciousness. No one can learn the concept of the knowledge that Buddha got and analyzed inside a human body.

Spirituality and practice

Virtue and wisdom come from the continuous practice of meditation and get to know the inner self. Spirituality helps in building these things in us. But the fear, anger, frustration, jealousy, and disappointments occur as the disorder in our mind. But all disorder has a cause and if that cause doesn’t exist then disorders will not exist. The disorder is caused by misconceptions and illusions or misconceptions end only with the direct perception of the truth that is spirituality and its practice.

Man’s greed and selfishness has created a disorder as science is also there for truth but technology is a by-product that gives some power to the man. And that power has created problems in the world. Humanity needs to go on with science and spirituality together without getting too entangled in their by-products.

Where science and spirituality meet

Reality is this the whole universe includes both matter and consciousness, science and spirituality go hand in hand. Whatever we think whether broadly or narrowly totally depends on us as it is limited by our experience. Both the science and religion need to be thoroughly aware and both scientist and religious man should aspire holistic perception of reality. In this education can play an essential role. The science and spirituality in education can avoid the major disasters that can occur due to man’s disorder. And that’s how are science and spirituality related to each other.


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