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What is the role of karma in life to have ecstasy?  Every now and then we are told to work hard in life. What is with it? And what is meant by hard work as a matter of fact? But it is in our nature to reason and ponder upon the purposes and end-results before getting ourselves into any effortful act.  And most probably these end-results are the materialistic things we want possession of. Under the influence of these worldly things we miserably fail to understand the real purpose that God has given us to do hard work.  And that purpose is nothing other than the main goal of life- happiness.

Life is karma meaning

Believe me, chasing worldly things is not happiness, it is only a way to misery.  We should never cling to materialistic things. Instead, we should work hard in whatever we love to do and make way for worldly things to get automatically come to you as a reward for your karma. Then these worldly things will be too small to chase. Now to achieve that ecstasy we need to work hard.

Role of karma in life

Many people misunderstood working hard with stress but it is exactly the opposite.  If you are taking stress than you are trying too hard to work but if you are working hard then you are in a very relaxed state of trance with all your concentration focused on work. Lord Shiva, god of gods, loneliest of all always dived deep into his trance state at the top of Mount Kailash with all his thoughts focused, is the happiest of all.

Now he knows that he is doing hard work, therefore, he called it as karma. Be like him with your work. Then you don’t need any outer drug for the short burst of false happiness. So just with the pace tune with your work and dive deep in the mystic self-transcendence and become the temple of joy.

How does karma affect your life as Intention

But be cautious because still being in the state of happiness you end up doing bad karma. Yes, our present actions or deeds define our future. Doing something bad may seem enjoyable at present but it will affect our future in a bad way. According to the spiritual principle of cause and effect, good karma contributes to future joys and bad karma contribute to future sufferings. In many religious schools, karma concepts to the rebirth. Which
states that karma in present affects our future in current life, as well as the quality of our future lives. Also, the quality of our present life is the result of our past actions in current life and the deeds we have done in our past lives.

Life may seem to be very unfair as different people are accompanied with different qualities of life but if we think with a wide scope, we can blame or give credit to our past karma for our present quality of life because nothing happens without a reason. What we see and observe in this world are consequences. So basically, our karma is balancing out everything in our life. Therefore, we should know how to manage our karmic account which is the balance sheet of all our actions in the hands of God.


How to clear negative karma?

We should know how to deal with negative energies so that we don’t end up screwing our karma. This can be done by keeping our minds calm and reminding ourselves that I am a powerful soul. When you face any blame or criticism instead of reflecting back in an abusive or hurtful way you should keep yourself calm. So, we should take the road of forgetting and forgive to add a positive record to our karmic account. This may be a difficult task to do but with spiritual practices such as meditation we can increase the chances of being in a calm state in negative situations.

Karma cycle of life

Many other actions such as emotional support to others in the form of good wishes, prayers & blessings add up positive records in our balance sheet while ill intents, negative & harmful actions on others and vibrating negativities from mind in the form of irritation, lust, anger, selfishness, and jealousy will add up negative records. Gita says that ways of karma are unfathomable-you never know when and where your actions are going to get results. Sometimes it may be an instant reaction to your action and sometimes it takes time.

People often ask, “Why do good people suffer while bad ones go unpunished?” Such questions come to our mind when we analyze the situation or things in its limited framework. No good karma will yield a bad result and no bad karma will bring a good result. This is the law of karma.

Thus, we should always strive hard to make our karma good for the betterment of our future life and future lives.

Here are some practices that will help you make positive points in your karma:-

Forgive forget

When you do something wrong then instead of feeling guilt you should say sorry. And the opposite person should forgive you this is his or her karma. This is an important aspect of life to forgive and forget those who have hurt you. If you will not forgive and forget those then it will go to hurt you only. If somebody has hurt you or do something bad with you then instead of cursing the person whole day you should forgive and do your work as you do every day.


Learn as much as you want. Develop the habit of learning new things, do something different and make efforts to have some new inventions. There are so many things to do. Do something challenging every day. Don’t waste your life complaining about it. Just ponder how to do things and how can you learn and grow from your existing things.

Understand your dharma

Dharma and karma are the two phases that you need to know everything. Dharma is basically the prayer of truth. Find the true purpose of your life and live your life to the fullest. When you find your actions are going correctly then you will find your karma is going well.

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