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Apr 09 2018
Bharat bandh

Bharat bandh – What makes a cut corners protest

In today’s era, it is so easy to compare person to person, things to things, food with another food and even place to place. There was a time when people live together and had a great time spending with each other. Where there were joint families and grandparents always have something interesting to tell the […]

Apr 05 2018

Know what is killing your motivation the most

People want their life to be successful, easy and fact-driven. For this, they need clarity of vision.  And for this, here is something which everyone wants in his or her career. But this behavior is playing a big role in demotivating you and that is perfectionism. Perfectionists are overachievers who are motivated by themselves. They […]

Apr 03 2018
childhood education

How childhood education helps in nurturing the future?

When a child is born nobody knows his future and not even he knows his future. A child is a gift of God who is not aware of the things that will happen in his or her life. Whatever you say or whatever your mindset is you will teach your child that way. His mind […]

Mar 27 2018
Indian Government

The Great Indian Government Dream

When I think of the countries other than India then I always remember people talking about cleanliness and lifestyle. But according to me each and every country gives the right to everyone to prosper and succeed through hard work, innovation, and excellence. And same goes for India. One day, when I was visiting Jaipur I […]

Mar 23 2018
spiritual happiness

Is there any importance of spiritual happiness in life

The most important thing in life is happiness. And everyone wants to be happy from inside. So, spiritual happiness is one of them. The spiritual happiness relates to the personal philosophy of life. It is important to center ourselves with love, peace, joy, and truth. If we live with wisdom these center points increase our […]

Mar 21 2018

India- Forgetting Our Own History

Travelling opens the door of knowledge. It also plays a big role in our education. Our country is special in so many ways. It has many states, traditions, cultures, foods, languages and traditional clothes. Travelling also relax your mind and release all your efforts. It doubles your excitement if you accept the culture and dissolve […]

Mar 18 2018

Stop overthinking and start taking action today

Okay! Picture a situation where you have an exam. You have completed your exam and you are thinking whether you will clear it or not. You asked your mother she sympathizes with you. Then you asked your friends whether you will clear the exam or not. The whole day you try to keep yourself busy […]

Mar 15 2018

Life and Time changes

We in this era, think that we have changed a lot. Life is beautiful but life and time have changed in many different ways. Today, we want that our kids should learn new skills and give his or her best in the studies. But still, I think we teach students to study well but we don’t […]

Mar 08 2018

Steps to change yourself first to change things

Life is a blank canvas, it’s you who write the story and that story becomes your life. So, in such unpredictable journey, it is important that what you right should determine the correct attitude towards life.  God has given us some power as he has given us birth as a human being to do something […]

Mar 05 2018

How to stop jumping to conclusions

Jumping to conclusions is a common type of thought error that everyone draws a conclusion with. It is one of the greatest misconceptions of human thinking. When something gets wrong we think that every time wrong will happen. Our mind becomes negative for every step that will happen in future. If we see the dictionary […]