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Shreya Gupta

Shreya Gupta (Head Of Content)

Shreya Gupta is a creative writer, speaker, author and a dreamer. She enjoys serving and writing. She also joined The Art Of Living Foundation and since then, she continued exploring motivational speeches and traditions such as Subconscious Mind, Balance, Instinct and teachings and practices regarding the calmness of mind and meditation that is objectless concentration. And it transformed my life and I move through life’s discomforts more quickly and with greater ease.

As Head of Content here at life art 4 all, she hopes to support other people and help them move forward in the situations, they are suffering from. Life is a roller coaster ride, there are hurdles and to be strong at that time spiritual knowledge and motivation is necessary.

Nora Balog

Nora Balog (Guest Writer)

I am an interior designer, a yoga lover and a creative dreamer. Creativity has a very important role in my life and it is a kind of self-expression for me. I like to do everything in a creative and intuitive way. I think we can discover it in everything: in creation, in writing, in the cooking, in painting, in play, in dancing, and in many other things. I found my other passion in yoga without which I can`t imagine my life anymore. It unites the body, mind, and soul, and helps me connect with my true self, live the present moments fully and find my balance in this ever-changing wonderful life.

I am happy to share my experiences on the lifeart4all site, where I can inspire others to do what they love, whatever it is. Sometimes the first steps are the hardest and sometimes we don`t know where to go, but it’s worth getting on the road to ourselves.