New Year resolution you need to stick to

New Year resolution you need to stick to

To spice up the last bash of 2017, party hard but welcome the upcoming year 2018 by taking some breathtaking resolutions. People take new year resolution but follow them one day or maximum a week. Only 8% of people complete their resolution. When we commit to something it means it should be finished by that time. But sometimes we feel difficult to take the whole process for long. For example, if you like to eat then it is really difficult for you to eat less. To implement the things that you decided in 2018 you should motivate yourself.
Whatever you have faced in 2017 whether stress, anxiety, depression, and chaos. Let it be and move further. Because it is time to embrace your upcoming year 2018. To welcome a new year there is only a change of a day. Only one day Sunday to Monday and a new year comes but it depends on you how you change this one day. New Year means a fresh start, a year that you have to make to have every fortune in your arms.
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Many of you are always been fond of making New Year resolutions for some of the other reasons. And want a better change in themselves. But to be frank, change is the only constant and it is not done in a single day. But yes if you have decided to change yourself then from day 1 you will be on track if you really commit yourself.
We likely to feel that if a person is bad this year then it’s 100% chances that he or she will be bad in the very next year. And there are fewer chances that he or she will behave nicely, but yes he or she can change and if not become a good person but can prove a better person.
It totally depends on you whether you want to stick to past memories and regret about it or you quickly decide what you need to do. People find it difficult because they start taking it as a work. But if you enjoy the process and evaluate your performance then you can motivate yourself to keep on the track.

Here are some new year resolutions that you need to stick to

  • Be happy: Be happy and stay blessed these are the common blessings that we get. But have you noticed you many of us remain happy? Be happy doesn’t mean that
  • Lose weight: To get in shape means to make yourself fit and healthy. It is important to take care of yourself and stay healthy. There are many exercises and yogas that helps you to lose your weight and even increases your blood circulation.
  • Start eating healthy food: Yes, to lose weight means to eat less and this is the myth in which we all live. To clear the point not to eat only makes your body thin and weak. So don’t do that but what you can do is to eat less and eat healthy food. Drink lots of water and eat fruits. Take a healthy diet to keep your body fit.
  • Do some brainstorming exercises: There are many exercises that help to keep your brain fresh. Every morning if you do some of these then you can start your work with a fresh mind.
  • Meet new people: It is very important to go out of familiar walls and explore the world and people. Meet new people is to become social. When you stay in your comfort zone you miss out many opportunities and some interesting things. So not to miss out just go and seize the day.

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  • Read books: Reading habit is the best habit to overcome your boredom or you can say anything that interests you will keep you away from boredom. Here reading relates to any book that you like whether fiction or nonfiction. You need to read the book to motivate yourself and be on track. You can visit many websites through which you get motivated and one of them is Life art 4 all.
  • Learn to pay gratitude: To pay gratitude means you are thankful for the things that you have. It is an important practice that everyone should know and must do. Gratitude is the happiness in oneself.
  • Be creative: Remember what all chaos we all do in childhood? But that was not all chaos that was the time when we all were trying to do something creative. But yes now also you should not kill that child inside you. Be creative and do something different.

Well, there you have it- these list of tips and resolutions that you should follow and keep track on it. And yes if you do all these things already then it can be that your smarter resolution becomes better husband or boyfriend. Then let me tell you to become husband or boyfriend it’s important to become a better human being.
These common resolutions will be effective if you implement them every day. From the right state of your mind stick to healthy habits and develop a positive environment.

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  • 1
    Nitin on December 31, 2017 Reply

    Very nice post!!

  • 2
    Pastor on January 3, 2018 Reply

    Good ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • 3
    Sumit Kumar on January 17, 2018 Reply

    I made a list of resolutions after reading this post. I hope I will be able to follow it. Keep doing great work.

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