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Consider an example:

A company was founded in 2003 and spend next eight years to release its version. Its version was rejected 51 times. It means its 52nd version was released and the company’s 52nd version is the game “Angry Birds” by Rovio. What happens if the game had been accepted at the 1st, 10th or 40th version? What do you think it would’ve been successful? But since Rovio accepted its failures as challenges and didn’t give up, considering the areas of improvement. The game has been so successful and now it has over 1 billion downloads. So, never give up.

Innovations, creatives, inventions are some of the achievements of great achievers, whose real contribution to mankind is beyond everything.  Their passion for not giving up, showed us the power of perseverance,  the virtue of learning from failures and the magic of never giving up. These great achievers have become a paradigm in your life.

Have you ever thought, how many things you achieve in your daily life, where you don’t want to give up and just try? There are so many examples of it, such as preparing for IAS exams or any government exams,  a baby when first try to walk or stand on its legs, to get a successful career we don’t give up, etc. But these achievements are behind the curtains because we do all this for ourselves and not for the welfare of mankind.It’s not always that you succeed,  you try many times, work very hard and when you don’t get the desired results you walk away, even though you may have been just a step away from the success.  The reason is that, at one point in time, you don’t believe your own goals or maybe you don’t believe that your dreams can come true. So, you stop chasing them. And here you lose everything.So, to never give up on your life just remember these simple tips:-


Be positive, be realistic. It’s very difficult to be positive when hard situations come. But if you keep yourself positive, then definitely, you will be able to tackle and cross all the difficult situations. Positivity fosters a right state of mind. It changes the outlook on life. So, be optimistic and never give up.


Excercise or yoga not only keeps our body fit but also keeps our mind healthy. Meditation plays a big part in our life. the world is very big and you will meet different types of people. They can be good to you or can be bad. So, meditation helps you keep calm, patient and positive to deal with all kind of people and make your life simpler in any circumstances.


Without getting distracted by other wasteful activities you need to focus on your goals. To achieve something, there should be a continuous effort. Keep your mind in one place. Be adamant and strong in your efforts. Perseverance is to keep yourself devoted to one task and make continuous efforts without getting distracted. So, set your goals and achieve them.

Never give up

The time comes when we say, this is my last attempt. But remember whether it’s your first attempt or last you have to give your 100%. Never give up attitude comes when you feel tired of the circumstances when you don’t like the things that are happening with you and want to leave everything. That time you become helpless irritated and want to give up the things. But, remember this is the only time when you can make yourself strong and knowledgeable, listen to some never give up songs or read don’t give up books. And if you come across the right knowledge at that time then, you will definitely come out of flying colours.

never give up

Accept failure

Failure makes you feel disappointed. You don’t want to talk to people, want to spend time alone in fact sometimes feel like dying. But you should have done is to say “Failure is okay”. Failure is acceptable, it’s important to fail to get successful. It is an important part of your success and is not the end of the world. It’s true that you fail but the important thing is to grow up from that failure.


What is important in life is to keep yourself motivated. There are many things which keep us motivated and help us foster the inner fire. But if you don’t have that willingness inside you, you won’t be able to achieve anything. In this part, self-motivation plays a big role.  Self-motivation is to do something with full efforts, it forces you to do the things with full strength. So, never give up.

Keep distance from negative people

Negativity destroys the growth or the lifespan of yours. So, if you find that negativity is surrounding you then, keep practicing the tips mentioned above, do meditation or listen to some good songs. If you find negative people then try to be positive with them and if the result is not acceptable then try to keep a distance from such people.

Be a seeker

Always be a seeker, never give up on the things. Just learn, keep your eyes open and capture all the things. Each and every person in this world has 24 hours. Prime minister has 24 hours in the same way a watchman has 24 hours. So grab the things as much as you can. So, don’t give up on the things. Take proper knowledge.


Be energetic and enthusiastic. The time comes when you want to fulfill your desires or dreams but you get tired of all the situations and you are not able to do that. Then it means there is a lack of enthusiasm or energy.When we enjoy somewhere like any party or celebrating somebody’s success or birthday, we feel so good and that time we feel the flow of energy inside us. We become positive and then think to do good things with the right state of mind and the right attitude. So, be enthusiastic and never give up.

Don’t develop the habit of procrastination

It’s a very famous saying:-“Tomorrow’s work do today, today’s work nowIf the moment is lost, the work be done how”Yes, you have to do the work today. There is no tomorrow so, don’t develop the habit of procrastination. It is the second version of giving up. To delay the things means you never want to do the things. It is an insect that kills you from inside.And lastly, it’s all about attitude, if you believe that you can do the things. Then you will never give up.

If you believe that you will do your things and will fulfill your desires and respect your inner voice, then your journey to improve and grow yourself will improve. And never give up attitude will say bye-bye from your outlook.You will fail often, but never lose hope of your goals or dreams. There will be a light of success sooner or later. Never Give Up!

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