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We in this era, think that we have changed a lot. Life is beautiful but life and time have changed in many different ways. Today, we want that our kids should learn new skills and give his or her best in the studies. But still, I think we teach students to study well but we don’t teach them to keep themselves well. We give them healthy and quality food but with some cheese and salt-pepper, we make a great impact on their health.

I really appreciate when I see kids have values which everyone wants to give. When I visited South India I saw that three or four-year child speaks in English. It was really appreciable. I am not against of Hindi speaking people but I think if we don’t know English then we are missing half of the content. English is the common language which everyone speaks and can communicate with another person if he or she is not of the same origin.

When I saw kids speaking in English and playing games so well and conversing with each other in a good way, I thought how it will be if we make a programme where our North India kids also get such traits. Everyone knows that Kerala has 100% literacy rate and not even Kerala the whole South India is known for knowledge and skills. And I belong to Meerut city in Uttar Pradesh that is North India where such things are not taught so easily.

So, I first found the base of how to do such programs and what program and how it should be designed. I thought to improve my skills first.

So, after my graduation, I joined some meditation courses to release my efforts. When I started practicing them daily, I found a change in my life and in my living. It seems as if life vest inside me. I was relaxed and became stoic and studied a lot and prepared a course after taking some development courses. I designed it the way kids think of themselves at that particular age. And after studies and google search finally, the course was prepared and was ready to deliver. In this course, there will be dancing, fun and social activities with the tinge of yoga and meditation so that they get to know the value of these things early and easily.

For government schools, I thought to keep it free, but for the private one, I kept the course at a very low price. I deliver this course free to four or five government schools. But, when the time came to deliver this course in the private school I talked to one of the top private schools regarding such program. They were happy to know about the course but want me to give it all free of cost. I was disappointed I thought why should I deliver this program free in such a big school. I already prepared it for a low-cost that such schools can afford. If I want to give it free then I will talk to government schools only.

I visited one more school but this time it was a lower class school. I thought that I will make half the cost of the program for this school. My purpose to give course to the school so that students get aware of the things that surround them and in future, they don’t face any difficulties in life if they follow the techniques that I will teach them in school. So, I put it the course in half amount. But here, the response was different.  Here school said was that the parents of the children are not educated therefore they will not compel their kids to know the value of such courses.

It will be difficult to have a conversation with their parents and convince them the way you want. I tried to tell her that money is just a number, you just try to convince them and aware them regarding the value education that your child will get from this course. But here she was not ready to listen, after long hours of discussion she said she will think about it.

It was very tiring. The whole day I worked and asked people and aware them regarding this course. I told benefits of such course. Still, nothing was there in hand. In the first school, they liked the idea but what want me to give the course for free. And in the second school, there was no issue of money but they don’t want to understand about this course. Don’t you think it is so strange? When people do bad things they don’t need any convincing power to influence but when we want to do good things everyone wants reasons.


It is important to understand the purpose of life. In both cases, the extent of change that had taken place was conveyed to me through the behavior and conversation. This added a personal touch and helped me understand the mindset that we all have followed and are following. We think that people are just enjoying their life and don’t want to think future. But not to talk of manners when we all don’t value such things. Yes, this is the moral of the story that life is what you make it. And life goes on as it is.


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