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First, thank you all for giving a good response to my previous article SEO. Those who have not visited that article yet, then kindly read because today is something very interesting for you and it will prove more useful if you have learned how to do SEO. In today’s article, we will learn how to boost Facebook Ads.

Learn And Implement

In my previous article comment, somebody asked me that I should help him to increase his facebook page likes and the shocking part was he was ready to give me the amount as much as I want.

I was confused I told him that I will teach him but he is not ready to learn and said that he is not from a technical background.

Don’t make such excuses if you are passionate about your work. You can learn anything and I will not charge a single penny from you I want you to all learn and implement that’s why I use the term let’s grow together in every title of my article.

I am doing this because I am very passionate about digital marketing and not for money so stop thinking and do it with me.

That’s why I have created Facebook Group for more learning and for group discussion and for new ideas of marketing, join the group and let’s get started to make your website as a brand.

Facebook Ads

This is very easy what you have to do is only you have to boost your post in the right way.

Like you have to fill interest, age, demographics and the things which are related to your post.

We will discuss only how to boost post because for marketers there is power editor tool to boost a post, leads, traffic Blah! Blah! Blah!. We will discuss that model in future because it is more complicated.

So, first learn how to boost post then in future, we will learn about power editor.

Let’s get started

Facebook ads run only on FB pages and not on your personal ID so, if you have not made a page then do it.  After your page is created, you will find options like the post, post images, videos etc.

So, when you post something you will see the option there Boost post click here.

Facebook Ads

When you click on Boost Post, another table will appear and the first option is Objective you have to choose two options according to your requirement.


  • Website visits: encourage people to visit your website
  • Engagement: reactions, comments, and shares

Facebook Ads

After that, you will find the option Audience you will find a different type of audience there what I suggest that you select the People you choose through targeting.

Then, click on the edit button

Facebook Ads

When you click on edit button you will find a table, as shown below.

Facebook Ads

Now what you have to do is you have to set the gender, in which gender you want to see the post. I usually take all, you can set the gender according to your business.

After that age selection, you can select the age, which age group you want to show the ads. I take 19 – 55 according to my business.

Then you have to select the location in which city or in which country you want to show your ads. This is very important because you have targeted your ads, you have targeted the location where you want to show the ads. And it will be cheaper when you target the particular location, for better learning, see the image below.Facebook Ads

So that’s the way to target your audience, you can select city or country through this location options.

Next step is very very important because in this we target the interest of the audience. Lets first understand what is interest.


Interest is something which is very important to correctly target genuine audience. For example, I love digital marketing, so my facebook shows me ads related to digital marketing. It captures the interest what you are most fond of.Facebook knows about you more and your interest too.

Like you want to shop and you are looking for a t-shirt on e-commerce websites. But after some time you don’t buy anything and close that website and you come back to Facebook. Then in between, you will see the t-shirts ads. This is called as the interest, it captures your interest.

You can see the image below. Select interests according to your business. And the ads will go to that person only who is interested in your post to target the genuine audience. This is a correct way to boost the post.

For example

I am writing a post on marketing so I select my area of interest like Digital marketing, online marketing, marketing, and marketers. These kinds of interest I will select and target to those people who are interested in such posts.

Facebook Ads

After that save all the potential audience and boost your post. It will ask you to add money in that all you have to give your bank details. After 10-15 mins your add will approve and you will start getting likes and comments on your post. It will boost traffic to your website and you are done with that.

Facebook Marketing Club

If you want to be a part of our Facebook marketing club then click on the image below and join our marketing club group. Many marketers have joined there to share their knowledgeable points so let’s grow together and make your website brand.

Marketing Club

Ok, some students are asking which laptop we have to use for marketing. I suggest you these two laptops below who want a good system at a cheap price.

This is window laptop.

But now I am using Apple MacBook it is easy to use and very fast with good battery life. You will get the discount also so buy it now and get started your work today. If you are facing any problem I am ready to help. For any queries fill this form and I will get back to you. To do the practical implementation, then click this video.



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