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Here is a story that I’ll probably remember as long as I live. We often face the major disasters of life bravely and then let the trifles, the pains in the neck, get us down. Here we are on this earth, with only a few more decades to live. One summer, I was on a camping trip in the Jammu and Kashmir valleys. It’s really a very nice place to visit and I definitely like to visit this place again and again.

I along with my camping partners were enjoying and having fun while camping. It seems as if I will capture lot many things and take sweet and adventurous memories from the place. One day, we all went to the nearby village and met some families living there. There I met an 8-year-old girl who was adopted by a Muslim family as her parents were met with an accident and died. But she was in a safe place as her parents who have adopted her takes care of her.

After few gossips, we all went back to the camping tents and rest for some time and again started our journey. After two days, when we all were done with camping and packing bags to return at home. I thought to visit the girl again. I rushed through the valley to meet her, and when I reached I was shocked of the incident that her parents told me. An eight-year-old girl was gang-raped and murdered.

I was shocked and felt like bursting into tears. Her parents were so tensed and crying like anything. Everyone got to know rapists, police have also arrested them but what about her parents. They know that now she will never come back and they will not be able to see her again. It was really a drastic change in their family. I wasn’t able to accept the truth and was stunned by the incident.

It was almost as if someone had struck me a blow on the head. After this news, I was so worried and depressed that I couldn’t sleep. Rapidly, this news got fire and in the whole country, it permeates. Each and every person come on the roads and start protesting. Everyone is demanding the death penalty for rape.

death penalty

Let’s have a look at what is the death penalty in India? It is also known as Capital Punishment, is a government-sanctioned practice whereby a person is hanged to death as a punishment for a crime.

Some advantages of the death penalty

  • It is what criminal deserves.
  • It creates a fear in mind of not committing or doing bad things.
  • Each and every person favors this capital punishment for a big crime.

The rape and killing of an 8-year old girl are provoking and everyone wants the death penalty for rapists. Death penalty by hanging in India is important now as it will make people think twice or even thrice before committing any mistake. After this incident, whole media is on death penalty debate without concluding anything. As hang to death is the only conclusion left behind death penalty in India.

There were banners, posters of we want justice, we want death penalty justice. People are on roads and screaming at loud for justice for the little girl. But who knows death penalty law in India has something else to say. In the past few days, as protests erupted across the country, the government of India had a secret meeting on death penalty list.

I also heard of death penalty nirbhaya case which was the same case as happened here with this little girl. But in this death penalty or capital punishment what has this little girl has done that she was dragged and strangled. There are so many cases going on in India that will leave you to think twice whether the country is safe or not.

After a lot of protests, the government of India held an emergency meeting and approved the death penalty for rapists of girls below the age of 12. Now what about the girls above the age of 12, death penalty rules in India are still at stake.

Should the death penalty be allowed?

A young girl rape in India is a controversial debate and the same is death a penalty appropriate or should it be banned. Though after such cases death penalty rarest of rare cases should be abolished. I pray for 8-year old girl soul rest in peace and pray to have an appropriate law in the country.

Here lead a double life title is mentioned because when a girl doesn’t become the victim till that she is respected and honored. But as she becomes someone’s food she is ostracized from the society as if one were two persons usually one good and one bad. People have lost all humanity and want to see everything in an evil way. When a girl runs from the hands of the rapist. She clarifies the boy identity due to which they get punished. Now because of the fear of punishment rapists kill the girl after their enjoyment.

Now, what do you think the death penalty should be abolished or should be there in India?



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