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People want their life to be successful, easy and fact-driven. For this, they need clarity of vision.  And for this, here is something which everyone wants in his or her career. But this behavior is playing a big role in demotivating you and that is perfectionism.

Perfectionists are overachievers who are motivated by themselves. They try to give their 100 percent to do the things in a proper way. They keep on moving forward and find the right opportunity to work. Basically, perfectionism is driven by the goal of success or by the fear of failure. They set challenging goals and try to achieve them with full effort.

But there are many disadvantages of being the perfectionist.

Much pressure

In desire, of being the best and to give the best can end up your chances of being successful. If you don’t feel well then the unhealthy perfectionism can give you much pressure. Basically, it can stop you from achieving your aim. Your motivation and personality got damaged and can even suffer from mood disorders.

But if you highlight your past experience and fix it with your perfection then it can work and you will release your efforts. It is important to be stress-free and relax but perfectionist does take stress to become perfect and do work in a perfect work.

Lack of motivation

When you feel stressed out and feel in pressure then you lack motivation. The motivation for success is important. But lack of motivation can come for many other reasons like weak desire, laziness or due to lack of confidence and self-esteem.

According to dictionary dot come definition of motivation is a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way. So, be that and surely achieve your goal in a mature way instead of just becoming the perfectionist.

You can even come out of it by seeing motivational movies or listening motivational music.

Low productivity

When you as a perfectionist take a task or project then you don’t leaf it, in fact, you read it properly due to which you also check out the least important things. This way it consumes your time and your productivity become less. Also, it turns you to be a workaholic, which end up your productivity in the long run.

But here are some of the tips that will increase your motivation in management.

What you can do to be less perfect:

  • There are many other things on which you can focus. Write your own motivation story. So, don’t stick to one thing.


  • The achievements that you possessed is not your introduction. In fact, your motivation story is your definition. So, don’t try to mix both the things.


  • Learn as much as you can. See the mistakes and note them down so that you don’t repeat it and learn from it. Bring a different theory of motivation.


  • Broaden your motivation education, so that if something goes wrong in one part, then you will not lose your confidence.

There are many motivation factors through which you can become extraordinary so don’t run after becoming the perfectionist, in fact, learn how to do the work in a proper managing way.




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