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It has become important to be creative in the workplace. Do you remember the last time you have given any great idea in the workplace? Most probably, you have to think a lot. Anyways to enhance or improve creativity it is important to know the real meaning of creativity. Creativity is defined as the ability to do something unique, different and useful. It is not considered to an inborn trait but yes a capacity to use your intelligence little more than normal. In this increasingly competitive world, it is stated that creativity is considered the topmost skills at your workplace.

I remember when I was the kid I have the subject painting which I even don’t know how to do. And now also I am not good at arts I secretly worry that  I lack the flair for creativity. But here’s a good news to draw is not the only way to show your creativity. There are many more ways where you can see that creativity works. Creativity comes in all sorts of forms.


So why we leave creativity to private institutes?

When we were kids, automatically we give and generate different ideas. But as we grow we lack that talent because we feel afraid or there is some fear that holds us back in giving different ideas. The fear that our idea is not good, or people will laugh at you, or it can be that you have given the idea but it was rejected the very first time. And after that, you don’t like giving ideas. We all lose the curiosity that we had as a kid and now we lose it because we want to do work by learning from past experiences.

And this is why creativity is lacking nowadays.  Allowing people the space to daydream or imagine without feeling restricted boosts creativity. To boost your creativity and productivity at the workplace you have to let go all your stress and think as if there is no limit. When you start thinking creative your brain functions in all the different aspects, it lights up in many different areas. It taps into both emotional and cognitive thought process.

The researchers suggested when you need to get creative ideas then allow your mind to roam free, let it survey the situation in all sorts and give you the best idea.

So, to get with such creative ideas here are some groundbreaking ways to improve your creativity in the workplace.

  • Increase curiosity:

To get creative ideas it’s important to be curious. When you become curious to know things then you explore something different and unique. It focuses your attention on exploring new things. We get curious to know little things like how the particular idea can make a change or how to implement. It can even foster the best version of yours. You will explore different mindsets of yours in the same situation at the same time. You can even think how the particular idea can work in future and how it can help us in the present.

  • Give time to think

Analyze the problem and then take out the solution. Allow time to take the input, don’t be in a hurry to give the output. Because creativity doesn’t work when you have a restricted time. You have to loosen yourself and give time to think about the problem. Then only you can take out the best solution. You can seek out the best sources of knowledge by reading books, motivational websites, or by listening ted talks.

Because creativity is based on imagination and knowledge. So the more knowledge you will gain, the more you will get ideas.



  • Nurture positive ideas

Sometimes, seriousness hinders the creativity. You should pursue and cultivate the positive emotions in you. The emotions such as gratitude, happiness, ecstasy, and motivation have found you to build a strong personality. These emotions, in fact, broadens your thinking and shows you more possible ways to think creatively. You can cultivate more positive emotions at the workplace by communicating with each other and give attention to the things what your teammate is saying.

  • Be motivated

When you see something big happen in front of your eyes. It motivates you also to do some work. Therefore surround yourself with the people who inspire you every day. Encourage multiple perspectives, viewpoints, and creativity.

  • Spend some time

Take out at least half an hour and discuss with the teammates the ideas that you generated. Creative ideas can be more creative and productive if we discuss new ideas and add something unique to it. Your half an hour spent will click ideas to your mind like a waterfall. You came to know your abilities, thinking power and performance.

So, I hope these will help you in enhancing your creativity in the workplace.

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