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Inner happiness is the only thing which everyone wants in this world. We all want to be happy and also know that inner happiness comes from positive thinking or positive thoughts. Still, in today’s world of expensive items, happiness is on the bid of infinity. People don’t take time for their thing and expect that they should be happy. They have made their life hectic and tedious. And if God has granted them fortune they postpone their happiness to the other things. They think they will be happier when any other good thing will happen. In such cases, how can you find inner peace with yourself?

Ok. Let me tell you one story.

There were two friends. One was beautiful and the other one was just fine. People get attracted to the girl who was beautiful so slowly the other girl, start becoming jealous of her. To look beautiful she started following her what she eats, what she does and all.

Then, she started becoming depressed and sad. And slowly her friend has realized, she came to that girl and asked why you look so sad from few days. Then the girl replied I am depressed because I have to do some other things to attract people and you are just so beautiful that you don’t even need to open your mouth and people get attracted towards you.  Then her friend said to her God has given each and every person a different quality and if you think that you are not beautiful then God has given you some other quality. So just think about it and be happy.

HMM…So, in this way she understands that she was running over the things which were not meant for her and she became unhappy, sad and dejected.  The moral is don’t stick your happiness on other things when things that make you happy is inside you only.

If you find you are free of all the situations that bother you or even find yourself independent of materialistic things then you are happy. Fill yourself with positive thinking or positive thoughts.
You can make all this easy and simple in just a few steps.

Listen to your instinct

It’s very important to listen to your heart. Do whatever you want. Don’t find reasons to be happy. Just remember you need reasons only to become sad. If you think you don’t enough things then you can be happy with the things that God has given you.

If you think that inner happiness comes from finding inner happiness books within yourself then it also comes by listening to your inner voice. So be happy, fill your mind with positive thoughts and put your best foot forward.



Meditation as doctors recommends, or in Ved-Puranas, meditation is being recommended as a medicine to remain happy from inside or from our soul. They say our thoughts are the biggest enemies, and during meditation, if we inhale these negative thoughts then they create the volcano inside us and exhale these thoughts as a pain relief, we can control our mind. If we practice this daily, we will find many changes in ourselves and then the inner happiness will persist.

Go out of familiar walls

Sometimes familiarity also makes us unhappy. When we see the same old, boring faces or visit the places where we use to go. We find no change in ourselves and even find irritating. So, in such situations what all you need to do is go out of familiar walls or acquaintances and seize the day. Sometimes it’s good to come out of comfort zone and make yourself relax.

Don’t think what others are thinking about you

In such a busy world, who cares what someone is thinking about you. So, why you bother what another person will think about you. People make themselves disturbed that instead of positive thinking they always think that other person will be making fun of him.

The happiness makeover is that you put a smile on your face as a moisturizer and inner happiness as a foundation. Which makes you more brighten not only from inside but also from outside.

Take responsibility

Take responsibility to change yourself and then think to change others. Yes. This is the key point you don’t need to ponder over changing the world. If each and every individual take responsibility to first change themselves. The world will also change.

Just remember to be happy from inside. Let people say what they want. You don’t need to get the influence of such opinions. Be optimistic. Have positive thoughts and be happy.

Inner happiness

Happiness is not something that just comes and stays forever; it is something that you have to actually actively gain. People do saving in their bank account and go for checkups but first, make yourself happy from inside because happiness doesn’t come to us it comes to us.

So if you want to be truly free from suffering and enjoy real happiness in your life, you must understand this mind game. Whenever we face any difficulty or challenges in our life, usually we react or overreact or create panic. In reality, it’s our mind which creates problems and not another thing. And we start taking that problem a big problem. But if we keep our mind calm, take a deep breath and relax, and with a positive thinking, we will see that these problems have actually melted away as if no problem exists. So don’t give up.


This shloka from Bhagwad Gita describes that-“ Happiness and sorrows are part of everybody’s life. But the period of sorrows varies from person to person and how it takes it. If everybody will be in grief then the world will not progress.

But, a person who takes sorrows and happiness in a balanced way then that person has a peaceful and calm mind. Inner happiness is this only, when you have control of your mind, and take and accept things, challenges, difficulties as they come, you will be able to find inner happiness. So be your own kind of beautiful and have faith in yourself.

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