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Travelling opens the door of knowledge. It also plays a big role in our education. Our country is special in so many ways. It has many states, traditions, cultures, foods, languages and traditional clothes. Travelling also relax your mind and release all your efforts. It doubles your excitement if you accept the culture and dissolve in it purely.

Traveling within India gives you immense pleasure and ecstasy. It is also pleasurable to converse with different people. I discover this often like the time I was traveling to Bangalore from Delhi. I was alone and was traveling to Art of Living Bangalore Ashram. I was checking the taxi but there was no solo cab available. So I booked the pool cab and as it arrived I occupied a window seat.

Just then, someone entered the cab and sat down beside me. She was a young girl, about twenty – seven years old, dressed in a cotton suit. Meanwhile, we both started talking about the Ashram there I came to know that she came from Germany and will take the course of Yoga Trainer in the Ashram though she was an Interior Designer. I also discussed the plan that I will do in the Ashram.

Then, suddenly she said what all mantras you chant and what is your routine in the morning? She seemed ready to start a conversation.

I thought people who are fond of talking can raise conversation out of nothing.

I shared that I do pray and do some yoga and some more stuff. Then she started her talk. She told me that she wakes at 5 am in the morning and after taking bath till 6 or 6:30 she starts doing yoga, meditation and chant mantras. She, in fact, shared some of her knowledge related to mantras and told me about spiritual awakening.

I was taken aback by her knowledge of the area. She was describing the things so well as if she has thoroughly studied them and run on this platform of her own creation daily. She even told me some of the Hindu prayers that she did daily. It was her 4th visit to the ashram and was totally devoted to it. She knows the significance of all Hindu festivals and Pooja like Maha Shivaratri and Navaratri. Without knowing the culture properly still she tries to keep in her the Indian culture properly when she visits India.

Suddenly, I sneezed and she showed me the yoga postures who suffer from cold. I was so much amazed to see that. I was really appreciating and was even thinking how much she would have gained that she has kept herself so fit and knowledgeable. She was so positive in her thoughts and believe that God is everywhere. She has a confidence of gaining anything through her work and positivity.

I was admired for her thoughts. She even told me that she listens to Gayatri Mantra in the morning daily. India is such a beautiful place I have not seen it the way she was telling me. Such mantras are our strength; yoga is health beneficiary that every person must do. India has originated so many things. Gayatri mantra, yoga, and Pooja all belong to India and we are proud of it.

But the thing that made me disappointed was that she was telling me all this thing in a happy way but I was ashamed of myself because we the people of India don’t follow it. We don’t bring that positivity in our lives that yoga and meditation gives. We believe that our culture is something unique but we are the ones who don’t follow it.

I read it somewhere that the whole universe is nothing but has the vibrations of OM. But sadly we are the one who doesn’t even chant OM. We keep our lives so busy in earning money and in gaining all materialistic things. But we don’t understand that we are busy therefore we need to do yoga and meditation. It will help in keeping our body and mind relax because of which we can take our decisions properly and can live a happy life. Remember people only wants to talk to those who are optimistic. If you have everything in life but your attitude towards life is wrong, then no one will come forward to help.

Suddenly, the cab stops and driver said mam your destination. I got aware of my thoughts she again asked which program you will attend I said, The Art of Silence program.

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