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Again time management skills…Tick..Tock..Tick…The clock is ticking and the day suddenly comes to an end. And how is your whole day spend? Have you done something good today or something different than your normal routine? if no, then you really need to ponder on the things. If you are a working person then you’re whole day is hectic as from those 24 hours your nine and a half hours go to that place.  And now it’s has become a second home for you.
Do you really think at what time you wake up, or sleep? Do you really concern about what is going on in your life? Have you ever thought why you are not able to achieve what you want? What’s so wrong that you are working hard still you are sitting on the fence. Take a deep breath because this is something which you all know but runs away from it.

Have you guessed what it is?

It’s time management skills. Okay did you remember when we were kids, we use to prepare a timetable and really make it on a beautiful paper with the best dimensions?  We paste it in our cupboard front area so that it reminds us to follow. But do you really think we followed it? No…And the same thing we do when we grow up. Therefore just grow up now you have more responsibilities. So wake up.

Before you even understand what Time Management is, you must understand what is Time? Time may be of two types:
The time that clock stuck, and,
The time that is going on(the real time)
Both has its own importance. The first one shows you the daytime at 12 O’clock or so. The last shows or tells you that the time is bad or good. The situation in which you are right now is the real time. It flies or drags. Maybe you are doing some important work and you have only some hours to finish it, but it flies as if you had some seconds.
Real-time is mental. You can create it on your own or ruin it of our own only.
We should not say that we don’t have enough time, as we have been given equal time, as given to Mother Teresa, PM Modi, Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein etc.  There are so many people who show themselves as busy for 24 hrs, and they think that “staying Busy” means that you are working something productive and it will lead you to the avenues of success.
Here are some of the time management tips; if you follow you will definitely find changes in your lifestyle.
But before that remember, till 8 am in the morning you have your own time and after that, you need to follow other commitments.

Let’s have a look.

This is the image of How To Use Your 24 Hours?

Time management skills

Develop those Kiddish skills now also. But this time is disciplined and you have to follow these tips and start working on them. As you know time and tide wait for none. Therefore to be a leader you need to know the importance of time and have to follow some of the routines for the better lifestyle. What you need to do is keep going with tips and maintain your time management skills.

Prepare a to-do list

Waking up at 8 am in the morning will not work. If you are sleeping at 11 pm in the night then you really need to wake at 6 am in the morning. Researchers say 6 to 8 hours of sleep is enough. By waking at 6 in the morning will help in your productivity.
– Drink two glasses of water when you wake up.
– Go for a morning walk at least for 15 minutes and see the morning beauty of nature.
– Do yoga. Yoga will not only keep your body fit but also keeps your mind healthy.
– Then start your day job and use your time management skills.

Don’t procrastinate

Don’t develop the habit to procrastinate. Once in a while, it happens but if you start doing it regularly then you have to stop this big blunder. Procrastination is a habit which we throw you 100 miles back if you don’t stop it. To delay the things means never has to be done. Make yourself an active worker instead of active looser.

Set your goal for the day

You have lots of opportunities and it’s totally depended on you how you approach them. Set your everyday goal and start preparing for that. Tell yourself every morning that you have to better work today. Goal setting will help you develop skills that will lead to your time management tips.


Do meditation

You have lots of responsibilities and we spend a tiring day to fulfil those responsibilities. So to keep you calm and active then it’s really important that you meditate at least for 15 to 20 minutes. It will bring an inside fire which will bring a shine to your work. As your mind will work in a proper way.You will be able to concentrate on your activities in a more relaxed manner. It’s very important to have a right state of mind to take correct decisions. Therefore meditation is the best thing to deal with people in this world.

Take rest

While doing work you really need to take rest from the monotonous routine. So every 2 hours you can take 15 minutes freshen up. It will keep your energy level in a maintained way. It will keep you active and will help you in your work. When you feel bored or tired of your work then take some small breaks so that you can work well. Researchers say 15 minutes of rest will keep you active and will help you in doing your work well. It will keep your health good and will also keep your eyes in rest. And of course, if you want to maintain yourself from stress release then will keep your hair healthy.

Take some rest off time between the tasks. One of the biggest advantages of setting the target time is that you will be able to get some buffer time between the two tasks. It is really necessary to take some rest time when one task is completed. This will help you in charging up your wait for the next crucial task.

Read inspirational books

To grow more it’s important to read some good books. It can be time management books or self-motivation books or any book that helps you bring more with you. Develop a habit to read at least one page of the book in this way you will to grab some good tips from there. To read good things in the morning will keep your day happy and friendly.

Be disciplined

Managing time is a difficult task. It will not be examined only by reading time management tips. To do your work with more discipline you should develop time management skills. It is important in your day to day life. To be disciplined will help you develop such activities which will keep you healthy and fit.

You don’t need any strictness in you but a determination in a positive way. Develop your time management skills.
Utilise your time in a proper way. Time will not go to change for you. If you think that you have 28 hours in a day then really it cannot happen. You have 24 hours only and in those 24 hours, you have to be disciplined. If you have maintained a good routine in your chart then it will be successful only if you implement that routine.

Don’t try to involve in unnecessary things

Most importantly, you don’t need to waste your time on unnecessary things. Whether it’s gossips, work or even people. Don’t waste your time in pondering those things which are not even relevant to you. Here a phrase suits:
It’s none of your business.

So you really need to do this. Why the hell you are wasting your time on unnecessary details. If you will be away from such things then it will not only keep your mind stress free but also saves you a ton of time. To gossip unnecessary things will just make people judge you but if you keep this thing in a short way will be healthier for your mind.
Because if you doing such things it means you have first noticed such person and then have thought about him or her and finally you shoot your mouth. So what you need to do is keep a distance from such things.

Develop a habit to say “yes”

Have you ever realized when you say yes to some important things then it brings a confidence in you? You are afraid that your inner voice says that you have enough ability to do things. Yes, you should develop a habit to say a big yes to things.  If you develop a habit to say yes it will bring a new version of yours. It will keep you alert to the things that you have committed to. It brings a big yes to your life.

We cannot at all run away from our responsibilities, we can just delay them. The only thing we have to keep in mind is that, “what we can delay for tomorrow”?  For this, we should learn to prioritize the things: We should do the most important things first. The things which are of utmost importance. Each day you should identify two-three tasks that are the most crucial to complete.


* Take complete sleep for 8 hrs. All of us spend the day being conscious and aware but spend nights being seemingly restless or unconscious and unaware. This rhythm or the pattern of rest and activity pervades nature and affects every creature. Only human being area unique creature that needs sleep to restore body, mind, and spirit. So we need full 8 hrs of sleep or rest in 24 hrs, so that rest of the hours we are able to resume ourselves to work.

* Start your day as an early bird. Try to wake up early, so that you can plan your day with a good start while doing yoga or exercises so that you remain active whole day. Have an or two litres of water, read the newspaper, walk, and a healthy breakfast will make your day healthy, wealthy and wise. Follow time management skills or tips. You should understand what are your habits. Make some your key tasks as your habits.

* Key tasks are the tasks that you do daily and enjoy doing it. A habit can help you in managing your time schedule. You will better understand the difference between important and unimportant tasks.


* Try to set a target time to complete the task. It is an important thing to do, in order to complete two-three crucial tasks in 24 hrs. Try to complete the task in the time you have set for the particular task. It will help you in managing time for the rest of the things you have planned for the day.

Time management skills will help you in doing all this. Do the things that really matter. That means “Do less”. It means those things that really has some kind of eligibility in your life, do those things. Slow down, and take rest and approach or concentrate on those things which are really worthy.

* Exercising and eating healthy, is also an important task. Some people do not exercise or eat in time, saying that, they have no time for all this. But, actually, they are earning for their ill-health.  If you will eat healthily and stay healthy, then only, you can become wealthy.


Enjoyment is also an important work to do. Enjoy your work. Work can be a play also. In this busy life, we usually forget to enjoy our life. Even if you do things according to the tips mentioned above, still you get so busy in completing the tasks, that you forget to enjoy your own life. So make work your play, not a platform to just to go up and perform.

Be organised

Remain organized. If you are organized, then you can save tons of time for yourself. As you can do something or other during your waiting time. You can save your time if you don’t waste your time waiting for something or being unorganized. Learn some time management tips and use time management skills.

Even if you are working smarter, many things we usually forget to do. Think about what can you do for yourself to remain energetic. Be open to opportunities. Wonderful things will happen daily. Again I will say I can only be a guide to manage time but I cannot manage your time. Use your time management skills and make yourself a leader. This you have to do yourself. Best of luck implementing these tips. And give us an opportunity, if we can help you in any way, better than this.

Always think of doing those tasks first that is your priority for today and can be done efficiently, without any hustle and bustle. Just plan your day according to those tasks, keeping in mind all the consequences or hurdles you can face.


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