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I wish you a happy independent and republic India. It’s time to celebrate each and every day of our life. Republic Day which is celebrated on 26th of January and on 15th of August we celebrate Independence Day. There will be parades, celebrations and many more things that we all do on these days. On 26th January 1950 India’s new constitution came into force. It was on 26th January 1930 when purna swaraj that is complete Independence was demanded. The Indian National Congress declared the complete freedom from British Raj. When I think I feel so proud that yes I belong to such a country where each and every person at that time has the huge contribution to give us a free life.

Independent India

Today when I think of the 1900’s era, I become afraid, I lose all my senses if I think that I have to face such problems in life. Freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and Surya Sen and in fact there were more who have taken so much pain to give us this life.

Yesterday I met my friend she got married and she told me her long sad story that her husband beats her. On the same day when I read the newspaper I found a column where a girl of 5 year been raped. On the other hand of the column, I found the picture of the place where there is a lot of garbage and litter. Then again my friend called me up and said I want to die.

On the other hand, I have to go and celebrate Republic Day and I found myself perplexed. I started thinking is our India independent and republic? I give a second thought and asked myself what about the girls who are the victim of every person roaming on the road.


I am proud to be an Indian but I found that India is not independent and republic if such activities will take place. When I walk there I find lots of garbage and litter on the roads. To speak English and dress up well doesn’t make you a proud Indian. If you find the true meaning of India then first commit that you will change yourself.

When we celebrate Independence and Republic Day we take the flag in our hand. We become a freedom fighter for one day, we talk about great fighters like Bhagat Singh or Chandra Shekhar Azad. But what change you can bring by just talking one day and forget rest of the days. Talk less and do more this is the strategy that will work for our nation. If you promise yourself that you will respect each and every person living here then the cases that take place will not happen.

Don’t you think the world will be so beautiful if everyone will live in peace? Where each and every person is there to help each other. If you can think of freedom fighters then you can also think of the work and sacrifices that they did. Do some social activities that will bring humanity to you. Respect everyone, you don’t need to do any activity in that, you just need to think differently. Change your thinking and everything will change automatically.

Life art 4 all 

On 26th of January, Life art 4 all has started it’s first social activity. On the first day, we found it difficult but as we started we find that we can bring a change. Change your mind and you will find a great place for you to live in. Now, I can say that I am proud to be an Indian. To join us in our work, you can mail us at Bring a change in you to bring the better future of yours. I am ready to change, what about you?

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