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Meditation is the objectless concentration which you know that you should practice but you don’t. In this digital world, where nobody has time to take out for even to improve his or her owns life and feel restless. Where meditation helps you to keep yourself relaxed. But you don’t feel like practicing it not even at least 15 minutes out of 24 hours though it gives you peaceful mind.

Well, if you have not started yet, now is also the time to get started.

Meditation not only helps you keeping your mind relax but also makes your mind and body clean.  It builds a concrete structure of positivity which will lead you to live a successful life. You will be blessed. Thousands of mantras and prayers that you do blesses your ancestors with your meditation. It gives you a supreme power if you practice it daily and even increases your intuition process. It gives you strength to gain immense knowledge.

There are so many organizations that tell you to how to learn meditation. The same way, I too visited my favorite organization to experience something different from others and that is The Art Of Living International Centre, Bangalore. I was simply amazed to see such a peaceful and positive environment.

There I joined the advance course named Art Of Silence and through this course, I learned how to do meditation, the techniques, and benefits that you can get while doing it.


There is a spiritual path that exists in this world which helps us to come out of sorrows and pains. And the interesting part is this, in this spiritual path, meditation plays a vital role. In which it comes to breathe correct and normal. What I learned is to first close your eyes and chant OM three times. Chanting OM gives you an immense energy and you will get to know the vibrations of it.

It is the most powerful mantra from which our planet Earth is made of. The universe is nothing but vibrations, it is the vibration that goes around and the mantra gives you the supreme power. Chant it with the normal breathes and feel the vibrations inside you after chanting.


Art of Silence

Here I came to know one thing if you want to learn something then you need to be quiet. You have to speak less and listen more. A guru always preaches you his best but how you take it and listen to his knowledge depends on you. And to miss out it is one of the programs of The Art Of Living Organisation. Here you all learn how to meditate by keeping silence.


Learn silence, the less you talk, the more you relax. Silence gives you the energy to do any work. When I did this course I found difficult to know first that I have to keep quiet for 3 days. I cannot talk to anyone, nor even communicate through signs and not even access my cell phone. But as the first day passes and I was quite the whole day. I get to know the importance of being silent. How important it is to be silent and keep doing the things which are actually important to live without asking any question.

When you keep silence for 3 days and those days you have nothing to do except meditation then you are totally hallowed and empty. Try it because this is the best way to meditate.


Meditation brings positivity in life. Remember positivity results in creativity and negativity results in sex and other distracted departments. When you take positivity in your life you will see that it expands your mind and flow your mind to the direction of great path and success, where you will learn new things and values.

Creativity enhances your skills and your ability to do work in a different way. And that comes from positivity, it opens your mind and takes you to the right direction. It cleans your mind from the root and brings the finest form of your own. So, if you always think of focusing your mind, actions, and sayings to create positive energy then definitely your life will go to change.


Meditation for 45 hours and where you don’t have to utter a single word not only during that time but also for 3 days and it really means a lot. You should think that you are nothing and you want nothing then you will meditate in the best way. Concentrate on your breathing, take deep breaths and fell connected to everything.

Get the feeling that everything on this planet is important. From living beings to non-living beings everything has its own importance. Emptiness is the method to stop distraction. Have silence, do meditation and get disconnected for some time from everyone.

Improves concentration and attention

Improves concentration doesn’t mean that you have to concentrate on negative things or thoughts. Improve concentration and attention in a positive way. The foremost benefit of meditation is this only. Continous practice will give you the best results to improve concentration and attention.

If you want to build confidence in you then you do that thing which comes you out of fear. But you should also meditate which cleans your mind and gives you the power to do anything. It increases your focus to do work. You are aware of the things, therefore, you should practice it daily.


Increases happiness

Happiness is something which everyone wants but don’t think how to get it.  Meditation helps you to put on the fast track to the path of happiness. The most interesting part is that there is a course named Sahaj Samadhi Meditation in The Art Of Living foundation where you get to know the exact meaning of meditation.

The left side of the brain is for positive thoughts and emotions whereas the right side of the brain is for negative emotions.

Happiness is something which comes to us and not by us. It is important to find happiness within you because there is no one in this world who will give you happiness.

Self awareness

Meditation gives you a knowledge or enlightens you towards your life. It increases self-awareness and clears your mind. If you practice meditation regularly then you will get to know where you are getting angry or sad or what are the emotions that you are not able to control.

It recognizes your strengths and weaknesses and gives a profound knowledge towards your self-being. It is the practice of knowing yourself and make yourself more comfortable.





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