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How to deal with a difficult boss who stresses you out? When you think about leadership, or discuss inspirational stories, you get motivated and start making plans or strategies. Employee engagement or performance is the key to get motivated, inspired and innovative. However, sometimes employees find stress while thinking of their leaders in their organizations. There are many toxic bosses that you can find in the dozens of emotionally intelligent leaders.

All jobs are demanding, and it’s often that boss has greater responsibility. But sometimes that pressure or stress make other mates low. Because an overly demanding boss makes you work even on irregular times.  He might even insist you to give extra reports that are not even read. It is studied that a bad boss can be akin to stress disorder.

Demanding bosses give you deadlines, which are not at all suitable for you. It is hard to deal with such bosses. But how to deal with an incompetent boss is to leave them. But how many times and with how many bosses you can do this. Although there is no algorithm to solve such problems, here are some simple recommendations that can help you in such situations:

Demanding boss quotes

“All things are difficult before they are easy”.

“Show respect even to people that don’t deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours”.

How to deal with a difficult boss

If your boss is making unreasonable demands then, release all your efforts. You really need to have a conversation. Release your stress because this stress will make you weak and you will lose your confidence. When you find that you are pressurized or maybe you are given a load then resolve this problem as soon as possible.

But before that conversation, first, you should release your heat. The anger that is inside you, release it either by screaming in the vacant room or scream into the pillow. See yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself. Analyze what is the main problem that is pinching you. Get all of that feeling in a safe private place. This way when it comes to deal with difficult boss etiquette and talk to your boss face to face, you will not reveal that negativity inside you. You will gulp the negative stress by bursting out at a vacant place and talk to your boss with a positive attitude.

  • Break the old patterns

There are many things to learn about your job profile. It is not necessary that you know everything when you get hired. So, learning new skills will add something good to your resume. But the concern is if you are falling into the same old patterns of your boss to learn something?

For this, you can make a queries list or prepare questions that are bothering you or you want to discuss. These questions to your boss will make him think about and will find some creative ways to learn the skills.

  • Don’t panic

Don’t panic about asking questions. If you missed something or is not able to understand the things then, don’t think that you will get it later. Because this way you will miss the track. The feeling that your productivity is estimated on the basis of how many hours you work leads to the miss out slots. You think this way your boss will think that you are going slow and it will result in the bad reports daily.

Being good at your job doesn’t mean that you will do extra work. Create a to-do list and accomplish the work according to it. This way you will not get under pressure and you will know what all you need to do every day. Don’t get panic of the work, prepare a strategy and you will do it in a scheduled way.

  • You can say “No” to unreasonable demands at work

It is not always right to say the YES to the things that your boss wants to hear. Sometimes, you have to say NO to the things which you seem are pressurizing you. You have to convince your boss until he realizes that he is wrong or making a huge mistake.

Then, make a well proof, a concise discussion of a logical approach. Emphasize the positive outcome that your boss can get through your approach.  Be prepared for the discussions or the questions that your boss can ask you and make sure that you state them clearly.

  • Target the gain

Don’t forget to achieve something you have to work every day. It is not possible that you accomplish your goals from Day 1. You have to be perseverant and skilled. To complete the work doesn’t mean that you take the stress and forget about the quality work. To give the quality work you have to learn more without taking it as a stress that how much time it will take.

So, limit your pain and target the gain. Because there will be no use if you simply writing reports without any quality work. This will also make your productivity slow. Don’t focus on giving the work, focus on giving the quality work and that’s how to deal with a difficult boss without losing your job.


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