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There is a huge difference between religion and spirituality. Still, we all find it the same. There are so many things happening in the name of religion. People are so much involved that it has become a growing young market. We worship particular God to make our dreams fulfilled. And we make spiritual masters to follow our customs. This industry plays the fantastic role with the emotions of the people and builds a brand.
Spiritual masters create something that changes the thinking and the living of the people. We can consider many innovators like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs but on a different scale and complexity. They disarray the usual order of things and facilitate people to consummate a different environment. They surcharge the environment with a new and distant awareness of the world.

Spiritual masters

Spiritual masters are the one who sought to convey the same message. that is the process or the way how we all can get rid of our day to day problems. The message of love and happiness that overloads on the fear and hatred. It is a universe in the application. There are a number of devotees who inclined to them and started following them. Once they claim that they are the exclusive masters they register a company.

They register their company with different names and compete with the other company in the name of religion. And this way with the registered trademarks they become start-up innovators.
 spiritual masters

Original teachings

The great spiritual masters of Krishna, Buddha, and Christ who lay the foundation of truth and justice have made us understand the meaning of religion. People here in this century are the real spiritual masters who feel their oneness with the supreme. But the original teachings of the spiritual master’s changes in disruptive innovators. Now they have managers, priests much more to look their organization and run it in a more genuine way.
Each company and each religion is now competing to get more shares in the market. The eternal joy of creativity and innovation is now suffocating in the conditioned rituals. There are many spiritual masters who in the name of religion and peace take lots of money. They with the practice of mind and body control influence their devotees. But the true master is the one who knows himself well.

Spiritual market

There’s no question that religion sells in India. It has estimated that it turns out to be the highest all over. There’s no one who checks the background or education. But yes the priorities set are for some money making people or to the high authority people.
Around 80% of Indian population follow the ancient traditions and culture. They go to the priest and perform everything that astrology chart is reading for their family.

Even the online astrology is at a prodigious rate and people perform prayers online. They give donations and fill premium online and tell masters to perform prayer. What a happy market? Sometimes I find the technology which tells us to click a button and perform pooja in one click.


Don’t make yourself fool. Each prayer has its significance and is done by a spiritual master. The master is the one who first knows himself and then makes people to understand the religion. Lord Krishna and Buddha always taught us life lessons so follow that path and change your destiny.
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