How creativity helps in childhood

19. November 2017 Creativity 1
How creativity helps in childhood

Creativity is important. But is creativity there or dead? Well, in today’s era, it is really important to bring to light in a positive way. It is important to upgrade yourself or bring a new version of yours to live long and healthy life. People ponder about their health, wealth and prosperity but do they really think to come out of comfort zone to do something different. Is creativity dead? Is creativity subtraction or creativity is an addition?

We all think that when we were the kid we have that creativity inside us. But as we entered in adulthood we got busy in our lives. We don’t think of any extra activities that we should do. Is creativity dead or alive? Who cares now. When parents get some kid books, some activity books for kids they think of doing some handful work with them. But unfortunately, they are so busy that they don’t indulge with their child. And sad to say this way two more generation got damaged. As parents don’t have time, the child did not learn and so on generations.

But how can we forget schools, the basic and the important system in this world? Okay, begin with the beginning schools are the education system where our child grows, educate and learn to get more in life. When we were the kid we all go to play schools or even some might have lived in daycare. In that place, kids play and enjoy doing different activities. But how much? Daycare and play school will not be forever they can adjust a fun activity for you for 5 years maximum. But in your other years, your whole life. Does the rest of your life don’t need anything to live?



Don’t panic, because now is also the time. Creativity is basically to open your mind. It opens your senses, broadens your imagination and drives you to think out of the box. Creativity is to think more valuable by doing something different and something more valuable. So don’t waste your time in thinking what others are saying or what others are doing. Do something creative and proselytize others to give time to become the kid again.

Motivate yourself and rejuvenate every day because life is too short to think of insane things. So make your life big and live the healthy life, do some creativity and fill colors in your life. Then only you can come out of flying colors.

Let see what you all can get if you do something creative every day.


Creativity broadens your imagination but how? Creativity expands the entire mindset. It covers the entire space of your mind and gives you a relaxed mind. Imagination is something which gives the vision to think beyond your senses. It creates a visionary eye, it gives you third you to see, an extra ear to listen and a more powerful mindset to understand and analyze things better.

Imagination is like to give wings to your thinking in the same way creativity is to think out of the box. So both have the relationships with each other. Imagination, as we see in the dictionary, is the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. Creativity without intelligence is nothing to do. Imagination gives you the power to make real all your thinking, your imagination and your vision.


Basically, in this digital world, where people are so busy that they don’t have time for themselves. So if they take time to think about themselves they can do something creative. At least give some time to yourself to recover and renew your energy by doing the things that interest you. This way you will get motivated and will think more about yourself.

Creativity gives you the motivation to do something different. It enhances your skills and gives you the willpower to do things. Motivation can give a sharp view and knowledge of your skills. And this way creativity will work and that’s why creativity is important in your life.

Creativity important in child development

Creativity is important in child development. Childhood is the root to cover space of creativity in mind. When your children will do new things then only they can broaden their mind and vision. Child development is the very crucial thing in life. Child development is the development of mind in a broader sense.

Childhood includes regular creative outlets like painting, activity books, sand painting, violin, piano, dance and many other activities. Creativity in childhood leads to innovation and rewires the brain of the child in a different way. It keeps the child in engagement with new and different things.

Music, singing, and dance fills the child with energy and enthusiasm. It cultivates the child with innovation and inspiration. There are so many institutes and organizations that help children to grow themselves.


Create more ideas

Always observe the things that are passing by. Wake up early see the nature and observe the things that are changing or going on when you wake up. What are the changes that come as the day passes like leaves, the dew on the leaves or the clouds?

You can collect ideas from anything that you see differently. It can be pencil or the magazine or the book. You can collect ideas from the things that you like or see something unique. For example, Pencil can give us a lesson like until we will sharpen it we will not going to know how strong and dark it will write.

It tells us that to show your ability you should enhance your skills this way. You have to sharpen your knowledge and learn more new and new things. This way you can create and collect ideas from different and distinguished things.

Changes your habits

Creativity changes your perceptive of doing things. Your perspective will change your habits. When you start analyzing things in a different way and creates a different compatibility with the things. It changes your observation which slowly changes your habits.

Now when you come out of your comfort zone, you start traveling and start doing new things which you have not tried earlier. You started thinking in a more creative way. To get more inspiration then get out of your room and think differently.


Explore the world

Creativity makes you think in a different way. It motivates you to pick the camera and capture all the things and places that you travel. You start paying attention to your surroundings and get aware of your thoughts.

Get to know about more people and things. Know their culture and their taste will give you more discoveries. See and talk again to familiar people but this time differently, know their viewpoint and get a handbook to write conclusion lastly.

Gradually you start thinking in a different way and remember the old saying

“Different people don’t do different things but they do the things differently”.

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