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When a child is born nobody knows his future and not even he knows his future. A child is a gift of God who is not aware of the things that will happen in his or her life. Whatever you say or whatever your mindset is you will teach your child that way. His mind will accept those things that you have filled in him. The first five years of a child are essentially crucial since it is the time of their brain development. How they got treated and builds the bond with family affects his social, emotional and cognitive environment.

This phase is much like a clay play that can be molded in any form or design that you give. Children learn fast at this stage of their life. Every child is a nation’s proud. So, if a child gets good values and educated properly then there is a growth of the nation. For this, there are many schools and institutes to help kids develop their mental growth. Here are some of the activities that are important for the child’s development.

Active Learning:

It is better to educate a child in an active form. We should shift from passive to active learning. This will help the child to learn the concepts more easily. When you see the documentary then it is easy for you to remember the story and roles of the person. In the same way, if a child does the practical implementation of what he or she learns then it helps a child in learning better.

Self-dependency and social growth:

Children who tend to do their work on their own have a greater aspect of growth. When you give them any responsibility then they can become an independent leader and learners. They become self-independent and improves social growth. Learning the cognitive skills brings social, emotional and brainstorming growth.

Early childhood education helps children to grow more independently. If your child gets good values and education, then you don’t need to get tensed about his future. They will score better in the class if taken in the right direction. It is more effective and economically efficient for a child to learn self-dependency and social growth at an early age.

Value education:

Moral growth is something which is very important for a child and every person in this society. If you have taken good education but don’t have manners to talk or behave properly then your attitude will kill your future one day. The moral values of a child go far beyond the education. These values can bring remarkable growth in the child which will make him or her successful.

We compare India from other countries regarding pollution, population, and education. But I think that instead of doing comparison we should focus more on learning. Learning good values and social activities will prepare them for any unfortunate situation that can happen in their life. The calm mind and right attitude will make them live a stress-free life.

Making them ready for future:

According to me whatever problems that we are facing is all because we are not aware of the things. Awareness is not a word to be taught to rural people but also to the educated crowd. Making them ready for the future is not to tell them from Day 1 that you need to know how to earn money or what is the success but to tell them how to focus and how you can learn easily. A career in early childhood education is a childhood education benefits

When they will know how to focus then they can set their goals easily and can even put their step forward in giving their 100%. Focus, attention, and concentration are not only important for students who are preparing for something big in fact it is important to learn at an early age so that 8th standard kids get to know how to be focused.

Their education and values are important not only for their future but also for nation’s growth. Focusing on different topics every time and aware them and commit them to stick to those rules will improve their learning.
Fun activities, dance, focus learning activities and strategies to handle natural emotions on a day-to-day basis will help them to tackle issues regarding their life problems.

Life Art 4 All activities

A weekly program of active learning is prepared by Life Art 4 All group to make our young generation of 7th to 12th standard active and helps them turn their everyday moments into moments of learning and growth. With the vision and mission to provide effective results and help in the empowerment of children and generation to come this active learning programme will prepare kids for their better future.

Also, there are many childhood education programs that take place. So, don’t take a step back for early childhood education facts. Because education first is everyone’s right.

You can watch the below childhood education video to have the gist of the programme.

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