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Does forgive and forget attitude works? And if it did you forgive and forget? Or you still are holding grudges against a person who has hurt you badly? Or you are trying to forget and forgive him.  Somewhere and somehow there are people who made you cry a lot and you are not able to forget them especially when you love someone.

When you are in love with someone you care about that person. You make sure that he or she doesn’t get hurt, whatever the person needs you take care the things. But if the person hurts you and leaves you in a worse situation then you cannot help yourself then crying.

Now someone has let you down, has ditched you, insulted you badly. What will you do now? You will secretly try to take the revenge. Simple ripple effect you will take revenge, that person will get hurt and what will be the result of all such things? If by taking revenge that person get change and he or she doesn’t repeat that then your revenge is successful. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time. In Mahabharata, Krishna Ji told to Draupadi not to stop thinking of taking revenge. If you want to change this world in the beautiful world, to change this bleak, cynical world into a nation-building then it’s important to ruin this evil behavior from here.

But it doesn’t mean that for small things you will take revenge and changes will happen. You are wrong in this case; it will kill you first from inside and then that person. You will find ways to insult that person and become blatant to take the revenge.


Another character from Mahabharata, Yudhishter the best example of forgiving and forget. He always makes sure not to lose his peace of mind. He easily forgives and forgets the pitfalls whatever the circumstances be. Being a child or a son, a brother or as a husband, he is being the most patient king and never lose his patience under any circumstances. For him, forgiveness is something that needs to be done for spirituality and peace of mind so, to get peace of your mind like Yudhishter. Just leave all the enmity and grudges and allow forgiveness to come to your life and bring peace.

forgive and forget

Forgive and forget

If you are strong then forgive and forget. To hold grudges means you are giving your peace of mind to the other person and making yourself always in trouble. Holding grudges will never make you live a happy life, you will always in a pain.

If you keep thinking and find ways to hit that person, it will destroy you only and will affect you. Your attitude towards life will be negative and you will always see a negative outlook.

Use your 24 hours

Instead of thinking of how to take revenge you should utilize your time to do something creative. Creativity will help you foster your inside growth. It will help you forget that person. Just remember when you get hurt before that you were happy. Then when that person will go why won’t you be happy. In fact, you will be happier.

Prepare a to-do list, start doing your work. If you follow it on regular basis you will definitely find a difference in your work pattern.

Find out

You are close to someone, take care of him or she but he or she doesn’t care then you should ponder some things. There can be two reasons for it whether that person really doesn’t like you, he or someone else is facing some problems due to which they just don’t care about the things good or bad happening around.

If that person doesn’t like you then keep away from him or her. You don’t need to make that person realize that you are important in his or her life but yes if that is in problem then you should think the difficulties that person might be going through. There might be some problems, desperation that he or she might be going through due to which they didn’t control themselves.  They shoot their traffic mouth on you. How deeply they might be suffering.

If you start thinking like this then you will definitely understand the stumbling block and you will find easy to forget and forgive that person.

Be decisive

Someone hurts you and you start thinking of taking revenge. Don’t waste your time in taking revenge. Be decisive. Forgive and forget is not difficult. But also it’s not as easy as forgive and forget quotes or verses about forgiveness.

Remember to forgive and forget attitude will help you out to get rid of this burden. Just find yourself in a place where you want to hurt a person they think that person is not thinking at all. But in the anger of taking revenge, you hurt yourself and continuously think of it. But taking revenge or holding grudges will make you weak. It will make you sad, worrisome and bitter. Don’t get dishearten and decide to forgive and forget and release all your efforts.


To show gratitude means you are thankful for the things the other person did to you. So start paying gratitude to those things which are there in your life. Be a part of your life that is so beautiful. To forgive means you are a strong person. It is a decision of a will.

When you wake up just pray and pay gratitude for little things that you have.  God has sent you on this planet for some reason to find a meaningful life, a purpose of being in this world. See the world as a big game where there are lots of things to do instead of thinking to take revenge.


Unlock and unleash all your activities and be honest with yourself. If you get hurt then accept it and move forward. Acceptance is the best thing to do. If you will accept the things as they are you will be happier. It can be anyone who hurt you but when someone close hurts you, you break into pieces.

When you forgive the things which have hurt you, you will live in peace. Open your senses and start valuing yourself. Be pompous and love. Do you need any love in a way which kills you every day? I think no.

What you need to do is express your feelings and anger, your emotions accept the situation but remember to learn lessons from such situations. These are the situations which can experience you a better lifestyle from which you can easily forgive and forget the circumstances.

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