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Albert Einstein once said, “A person who never made a mistake, has never tried anything new”.  So true! A person who has never made a mistake, he doesn’t know a thousand ways to do the work. Failure defeats losers and is essential for our growth. Don’t think if you get failed then people will make fun of you. In fact, it is the way to come out with flying colors.

As failure is the key to success

Whether you fail in a test, loss a job or going through a heartbreak or there is any family problem or not financially good- the human mind will react naturally. The human mind has the tendency to give its sign the way situations are, but failure doesn’t mean you are a failure.

At that part of the time, we start cursing our present situation and may ruminate on the past. We don’t want to accept the present and regret what we did in past. I know it takes 2 seconds to say “Time and tide wait for none” but to accept and embrace the present is that much difficult. Failure is not bad. It is important to fail in the journey of failure to success because when you fail you learn new things.

To learn from your failure is the first step to get successful. Failure is essential for growth because it makes you go deeper where lay hidden treasures of profound knowledge. Though when you get failed your focus is on misery and sorrows but deep inside your abilities are there that you need to lighten up.


Why failure is good for success

Failure is the blessing that you get in your life. It is the term that scares most of the people. But who faces it becomes a real warrior because it teaches him or her to become the best on their own. Don’t think failure is the biggest mistake in life. In fact, if you find your true potential then failure will lead you to live the successful life. But to get to the point this true potential can get into existence through spirituality. One faces many problems and hurdles in life but to get strength spirituality and wisdom helps in it.

Dictionary meaning of spirituality is “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material things”. That’s true! When we release all our efforts and keep away from external forces then we gain profound knowledge. Wisdom comes after a failure in life or after a loss or a bad decision. So don’t get afraid of failures because it will light you like a candle in the darkness.

Some failure quotes

“Failure will never overtake me if my destination to succeed is strong enough”.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”.

Here are some mantras that will help you get through any of the loss.

  • Begin with awareness

If you delve deeper into yourself, you discover the glimmers of light that always protect you and prevent you from the negative world. This light helps you bring back your confidence. In this world, there are many things to do, there is infinite peace, ecstasy, and creativity. So, it is important to get aware. In this state, there is no loss, failure, and struggle.

When you get aware of things related to you, you feel contented and safe. You find solutions to your problems and even ideas emerge spontaneously and you don’t need to put efforts into it. Though in your hardships you feel exhausted. Even the things bleak but there are opportunities to grow. There is no power that can stop you doing what you want except your own willpower. Therefore, start your journey through awareness and that can come through meditation. Art of meditation or silence will lead you to the successful path. Spiritual growth and awareness open you to greater clarity and new chances.

  • Say a big “YES”

The way of improvisation is to say “yes” to the opportunities. Have you ever noticed when you say “NO” to things then you don’t even get to know more about it? The same way when you say “YES” you step further and find a new thing whether good or bad. This is the only step to accept the change. Regardless of good or bad at least say “YES” to the things because it will definitely lead you to some path.

Whenever you say YES it is the willingness to take a deep look into whatever arises. Pain comes and bears the cure on its own. YES is used to give an affirmative response that by all means whether in failures or success you agree to the terms.

How can you come out of fear

Sometimes, when you recall your past, you regret and don’t want to repeat it. You afraid of the things that happened and even fear and shame. But this time say a big YES. Because then only you can come out of these things. If you don’t accept and say NO to your fear then you won’t be able to step forward. YES is accompanied by openness. It takes the entire space of your body and cultivates valor and courage to face your fear.

Just surrender yourself and make your intention to say YES to whatever life brings. It is important to accept the truth, therefore, don’t be afraid of this natural phenomenon of hardships and fear or difficulties. Just be bold and adamant.


  • Develop right attitude

Attitude plays a big role in life. But the interesting part is right attitude is essential. Right attitude means you have a correct perspective of doing things. You develop a settled way of thinking about something. Your attitude tells your outlook towards your life. The wrong attitude always leaves you in trouble. Your attitude to something is the way you think and feel about it.

So, it’s important to start each day with a positive attitude. Positive environment, people, and work will develop a positive attitude in you. Keep your aura positive, motivated and healthy. Be with those who are your well-wishers because negative people always try to let you down. Keep taking small breaks from your work. Small breaks revital you and you will not feel exhausted. Sit quietly, close your eyes and be within you. Keep your mind calm. Become positive than negative people start avoiding you.



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