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Dhairya Singh Chauhan

Dhairya Singh Chauhan is the co-founder, of the motivational website Life Art 4 All. He has a background in commerce ( BBA ) and Digital Marketing (Delhi School Of Internet Marketing- Graduate). Dhairya Singh Chauhan is the skilled marketer and has gained skills and certificates of Google. His connection with motivational videos, the artistic mind goes back over to his mother Radha Chauhan (Artist).

Dhairya Singh Chauhan (Digital Marketer)

Dhairya Singh Chauhan

Begin with the Digital Marketing in 2017, I became the youngest CEO at the age of 22 of my website Life art 4 all. While doing Digital Marketing I met lot many people. However, there were few people from whom I got inspired and motivated to do my work on a regular basis.

We live in a super-connected world and marketing has also changed in this Digital era. Due to the rise of social media, it is important to have Digital Marketing in your business. But still, Digital Marketing is something people are not aware of. So I want people to learn with me and grow more and more to provide new information regarding Digital Marketing.

As a Digital Marketing Expert, I write my blogs at regarding Marketing in which I spread my knowledge of social media and overall growth of the individuals and organization. With the aim of forming a platform for Digital Marketing, a Marketing club is there to take queries, to give more information and to learn more new things like how to form a brand etc.

So, stay tuned with me by connecting with my social media and here’s why I started this website.

Why start motivation website?

In the early childhood, I was set out to explore new ideas and I found, to do anything it’s important to have a central motivation which I don’t found in the people. Nowhere I found the resonance in creative things, might be because of rare circumambient. But when I joined The Art of Living Foundation I was relaxed.

It seems as if this is the time to give high exposure to creativity. I quickly pull my pen and mini notebook and started designing my creativity. I looked out websites and start designing and thought about how to use Digital Marketing skills in it.

Life art 4 all made perfect sense to me because when I face a challenge, I remember the inspirational and motivational videos I used to see. And there I put my best foot forward as I would know exactly what to do, or how to proceed.

Life art 4 all

About Us

Life art 4 all was born in April 2017 in the form of a blog and will evolve for many years to be much more. My name is Dhairya Singh Chauhan, also known as Digital Marketing Expert, the Marketing blogger, and  Speaker. But I am also a learner, who implements new techniques and learn new skills to broaden the vision. I am embarking on an animation and more classical education which will help in culling the great ideas.

I am also a dreamer who always imagines Digital Marketing to use in a different way. So, let’s grow together. If I didn’t catch anything which you found is interesting then you can surely give us your ideas by writing in the comment box. I will revert to you back.

However, my motive is to use old and forgotten ideas but, not outdated ideas to solve everyday’s life problems. If this sounds like something new and very interesting, then please subscribe to the blog and connect with me on social media. For easy access click on the below buttons and stay connected to new things and updates.



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Dhairya Singh Chauhan