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To get success, there should be a particular strategy. There are companies that have done or given the best result over the long haul because of their creative and innovative approach. And thus creativity and innovation is the key to success because these industries build their unique platform and implement their own ideas. They don’t copy others and doesn’t stand in a queue to compete others. They have the competition with themselves. For them, the hunt for creativity has become one of the best approaches to attain long-term success. Instead of hunting for the next big idea they mold the old idea in a different way.

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Our social media and this rat race have thwarted the movement towards creative approach. Sometimes we don’t find ourselves in the right state of mind. Don’t you want to be one of those organizations or industries? You can be. Without a second thought about your products, procedures or anything you can be there for your creative and innovative approach.

Creativity and Innovation

creativity and innovation

It is not always necessary to think out of the box. When you set limitations in your thinking then you can start thinking inside the box. For example, if you have given a task to think to take out the second hand of the clock and use color green for it. Then it can become a dinosaur tail, or if you keep it black then it can be witched’s finger. So it depends on you how creatively you think.

Innovation is to use things in a different way. Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Let go all the things and start planning your day. When you start writing about what you did the whole day then it will help you see what different you have collected each day.

Everyone knows that the world is full of problems and it’s not necessary that same idea will be implemented to solve these problems. But people have certain myths regarding creativity and innovation. They think that creativity happens only in some certain jobs or some people have that talent. To be frank it is dangerous because they will stop believing that can bring a change in a positive way.

Since innovation requires more complex practices, new techniques, and procedures to build it. But it helps to contribute meaningfully the overall performances.

Creative diversity

Creative diversity is one of the most powerful tools that help you to understand and appreciate how you think and make decisions differently. It is all about to think differently. When you jump into the conversation and give your ideas you will discover the change in your thinking. Diversity is important for creativity. It is the metrics that matter in the innovation program.

To diversify your thinking will give you more ideas to start with. For example, if you start thinking your own home as a hotel and start analyzing how things are organized and maintained in a hotel. You will use the same strategy in your house. This way you are thinking something different and might be you make your house more appealing and beautiful.

Here’s how you can promote your creativity and innovation:

  • Carry a notebook to pen down the points that you find are useful for you. Or it can be an idea that you get while working or by reading something.
  • When you write an idea try to think differently what you can do with that particular idea. Think what you can with an idea, how you can use that idea for you.
  • Read fiction and non-fiction books, magazines and journals every day. This will enhance your skills and will empower your mental strength.
  • Organise your ideas in a folder. Like if you find articles of same interest then you can clip them together.
  • Maintain a folder or a copy where you can place them together and write them down in one folder only.
  • Go and spend some time out of the window. When you sit somewhere else like in your colony’s park or any other place. It will help you swirling your thoughts and create new ideas.
  • Encourage and keep motivating yourself. When you motivate yourself you start doing the work on double the rates.

Imperfection to change

creativity and innovation

  • Explore the uncertainty in your products. Create products that always define some change. When you design the product in a different way it will surely give you positive comments.
  • A curated and more extravagant creativity can surprise everyone.
  • Don’t get under pressure to finish the final product. You can take your own time and show the product when you feel content with it. Creativity is not a one day task, it takes a long practice.
  • No company is perfect. So it is important how you deal with your shortcomings. Areas to improve and explore are important.

Improve your comfort level and try to enhance your skills that way. Reclaim your imagination and broaden your vision. Build a creative workplace and a creative network.

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