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Everyone is happy and planning something new and different to do in this new year. Much of the world is preparing to get magic wands in the new year by celebrating with family and friends.

But have you ever thought why we celebrate the new year on Jan 1? What can be the reason behind it?

Well, according to the Gregorian calendar the most widely used calendar, New Year occurs on Jan 1. On the contrary, the civil year of Jan 1 is not an orthodox Christian religious holiday. It is estimated that January 1 is itself a religious holiday because it is the feast celebrated of the circumcision of Christ after 8  days of his birth. While those who are adhered to the Julian calendar celebrate both religious and civil holiday on January 1.

New Year

New Year

After the Julius Ceasar effect, January 1 was the new date but not depending on the Rome’s dictator. So if we summed up, then each culture and religion hold New Year’s observances on their beliefs. Since the Gregorian calendar is widely accepted everywhere, therefore, January 1 is celebrated the New Year day.

People dress well and give greetings to their family or friends to start a fresh year again. They indulge themselves in fun-filled activities. They sing songs, dance and play games to entertain and of course to welcome the next year with full enthusiasm and energy. On the new year, neither the age matters nor the caste. Everyone celebrates it and greet and wish a prosperous new year.

New Year in India

Big metro cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai organize big events on New Year. Many big concerts where Bollywood stars come and join the events happen. To attend such big shows many families or you can say large crowd gathers. New Year gives you all an opportunity to come closer to your family and the loved ones. The fun-filled activities can even wake your child inside you.

You become a kid with every single child who is celebrating New Year. There are so many families who organize a party on 31st December and till 1 am in the morning of the next day they celebrate. This is the best way to greet and come close to everyone. There is a hope that next year will come with truckloads of happiness and joy in their lives.

New Year


While the curtains are putting down and the next year is coming. It’s not all about to think what you did this year 2017 but to improve and become a new version of yours in 2018. New Year means a new beginning and you have to plan the upcoming year with many new dreams that need to be fulfilled.

There are hurdles in life but we need to overcome these shortcomings with new problem-solving strategies. You have to make this one change that will turn this year to the net year and proves good for you. The next year with 365 days is again coming and giving you strength like a China wall. Make sure that you need to work hard on your own and make this year a breathtaking year whether for your career or personal life.

God has given us life but not to waste. Utilise each tick-tock of the clock and make your 24 hours your best day you ever had. New Year for whatever reason is celebrated but we have to celebrate it for everything that we have in our lives and that what we want to gain.



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