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Feb 23 2018

A natural process to control your success or failure

I remember when I completed my graduation after that I started preparing for government exams. While I was preparing I felt sometimes to give up and sometimes get so energetic as if I can clear the exam in my first attempt. Because I failed many times I get de-motivated. But when I get success I […]

Feb 20 2018
way of living

Way of living that makes you happy

Life and time have really changed in many ways. Old ways, attitudes, and way of living have changed. I met two people of the same age recently brought this point to me fairly dramatically. Rahul and I have been friends since the time we were preparing for the government exams. Rahul was the most diligent […]

Feb 14 2018

Bury the hatchet within yourself- a natural process

There is a natural process by which we can manage or control our lives. The process consists of a sequence of steps. If we are aware of the process, then we can improve our chances to live a better life. We all know that life is a roller coaster but it depends on us how […]