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May 21 2018
best motivational books

Buy the best motivational books to read before you die

Best motivational books Here in this blog, you will discover the best motivational books that you must read in order to achieve success in life. These books help you attain everything that you need and compels you to accomplish your goals. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz  This inspirational book and one of […]

Apr 26 2018
mind store

The way of living: Replace the old one with the new one

Imagine for a moment a mind store, the way of living- the place where your thoughts are and store all the things that happen to you or that you imagine. The mind store is furnished with everything that you think about yourself and what is going on with you. Whatever you see, learn and think […]

Apr 23 2018
death penalty

Lead a double life – death penalty for rape

Here is a story that I’ll probably remember as long as I live. We often face the major disasters of life bravely and then let the trifles, the pains in the neck, get us down. Here we are on this earth, with only a few more decades to live. One summer, I was on a […]

Apr 18 2018
the alchemist

Who Is the real the alchemist

It is so good to know the secrets of life. Why we lose things and how failure becomes the first step to get success. There are so many things that are hidden from us but actually, the things are not hidden they are inside us. The thing that matters the most is to know the […]

Apr 09 2018
Bharat bandh

Bharat bandh – What makes a cut corners protest

In today’s era, it is so easy to compare person to person, things to things, food with another food and even place to place. There was a time when people live together and had a great time spending with each other. Where there were joint families and grandparents always have something interesting to tell the […]

Apr 03 2018
childhood education

How childhood education helps in nurturing the future?

When a child is born nobody knows his future and not even he knows his future. A child is a gift of God who is not aware of the things that will happen in his or her life. Whatever you say or whatever your mindset is you will teach your child that way. His mind […]

Mar 27 2018
Indian Government

The Great Indian Government Dream

When I think of the countries other than India then I always remember people talking about cleanliness and lifestyle. But according to me each and every country gives the right to everyone to prosper and succeed through hard work, innovation, and excellence. And same goes for India. One day, when I was visiting Jaipur I […]

Mar 21 2018

India- Forgetting Our Own History

Travelling opens the door of knowledge. It also plays a big role in our education. Our country is special in so many ways. It has many states, traditions, cultures, foods, languages and traditional clothes. Travelling also relax your mind and release all your efforts. It doubles your excitement if you accept the culture and dissolve […]

Mar 15 2018

Life and Time changes

We in this era, think that we have changed a lot. Life is beautiful but life and time have changed in many different ways. Today, we want that our kids should learn new skills and give his or her best in the studies. But still, I think we teach students to study well but we don’t […]

Mar 08 2018

Steps to change yourself first to change things

Life is a blank canvas, it’s you who write the story and that story becomes your life. So, in such unpredictable journey, it is important that what you right should determine the correct attitude towards life.  God has given us some power as he has given us birth as a human being to do something […]