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Sep 08 2017
How to be less negative and more positive

How to be less negative and more positive?

How to be happy? What to do to be happy? Okay but before that, you should know one thing. That is. There are two types of vibes on this planet. One is positive and another one is negative. Positive vibes are those which keep us relaxed and calm which pacify us and make us feel […]

Sep 03 2017
This is the image of time management skills

How to use time management skills?

Again time management skills…Tick..Tock..Tick…The clock is ticking and the day suddenly comes to an end. And how is your whole day spend? Have you done something good today or something different than your normal routine? if no, then you really need to ponder on the things. If you are a working person then you’re whole […]

Aug 26 2017
This is the image of inner happiness

Inner Happiness

Inner happiness is the only thing which everyone wants in this world. We all want to be happy and also know that inner happiness comes from positive thinking or positive thoughts. Still, in today’s world of expensive items, happiness is on the bid of infinity. People don’t take time for their thing and expect that […]

Aug 20 2017
This is image of dont give up

Dont Give Up

Consider an example: A company was founded in 2003 and spend next eight years to release its version. Its version was rejected 51 times. It means its 52nd version was released and the company’s 52nd version is the game “Angry Birds” by Rovio. What happens if the game had been accepted at the 1st, 10th […]

Aug 03 2017
Self Motivation

Self Motivation

What is the self motivation? How motivation plays a big part in your life? Or how motivation can help you to succeed in your life? But before that have you ever thought if we are doing the work continues with the same routine still we don’t get the results? Take a deep breath because it’s […]