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Category: Creativity

May 01 2018

Here’s the secret of creativity according to science – Life Art 4 All

A large amount of the work has been done over the decades to find out the science behind creativity. Whether you are mesmerized by Leonardo da Vinci about his paintings or Albert Einstein about spacetime theories. Both the pieces of work is the breathtaking creativity. The secret behind our creativity is imagination. Imagination compels us […]

Apr 27 2018
think out of the box

Why to think out of the box and generate ideas – Creativity measure

I recently heard a speech by a prominent TEDx speaker, who suggested some of the measures to think out of the box and out of the comfort zone. He explains how you can generate ideas? But before that, I thought why I need to think out of the box outside the box and why to […]

Feb 26 2018
Unsociable people

How unsociable people boosts creativity in them

Have you ever thought why people choose to be alone? What are the reasons that make them live alone? Well, they most often do so because they are shy, they don’t want to interact with people or they are happy alone. In other words, you can say it’s shyness, avoidance or disconnectedness with the other […]

Feb 16 2018
talking to yourself

Talking to yourself can be super helpful

Alright, you can do this. One more time and you can do this. I was continuously saying this to me and a stranger asked me to help me. Then I came across I was talking to myself. Yes, I was and it is not because I am losing my marbles. I am OK and I […]

Jan 25 2018

Interesting ways to enhance creativity at workplace

It has become important to be creative in the workplace. Do you remember the last time you have given any great idea in the workplace? Most probably, you have to think a lot. Anyways to enhance or improve creativity it is important to know the real meaning of creativity. Creativity is defined as the ability […]

Dec 27 2017
creativity and innovation

Creativity and Innovation

To get success, there should be a particular strategy. There are companies that have done or given the best result over the long haul because of their creative and innovative approach. And thus creativity and innovation is the key to success because these industries build their unique platform and implement their own ideas. They don’t […]

Dec 20 2017

Christmas- Come let’s know more about it and feel the joy!

We all wait for this amazing day i.e., Christmas. We all shift onto a holiday mode and celebrate this day with full excitement and fun. But don’t you want to know, why we celebrate this day and what is the significance? Let me tell you all these things in this article that why we celebrate […]

Dec 08 2017
Creating creativity

Creating creativity- how can you find

Creating creativity? Does it find difficult to understand? In this whole world, some of the other people are doing something creative. In our day to day life, there are many people who are involved in creating or finding something different. But when it comes to make or grow our children to be creative then we […]

Nov 19 2017

How creativity helps in childhood

Creativity is important. But is creativity there or dead? Well, in today’s era, it is really important to bring to light in a positive way. It is important to upgrade yourself or bring a new version of yours to live long and healthy life. People ponder about their health, wealth and prosperity but do they […]

Oct 05 2017
This is the image of digital literacy

Is creativity there in digital literacy?

In this digital literacy where creativity online serves, where our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji is working on the project like Digital India still we are not serving our country. There are so many people who are talented, god-gifted in some or the other skills. Creativity is something which anyone can do. God has […]