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There is a natural process by which we can manage or control our lives. The process consists of a sequence of steps. If we are aware of the process, then we can improve our chances to live a better life. We all know that life is a roller coaster but it depends on us how we handle it. There is nothing that happens by accident because what we mentally create or what our mind creates that happens, whether good or bad.  In most cases, if you do the right things then it is sure that you get the right or positive results. How we do, act or behave all counts in the journey of our life.

What is a process

A few months back, my parents told me that we will be living in a joint family where your grandmother and father, and our family will be there. I was excited and started making plans for our new house and new environment. I was happy and excited about all this. Then, the day came and we all shifted to the new place and new home. I was still enjoying the home and was keeping it clean and green.

But I found that my grandmother roams around here and there and make the place dirty. She always finds fault in small things that irritate me.  The dream of living the happy life was now making me sad and because of that irritation and sadness, I used to abuse my grandmother for this. I started pointing her why you put such things here in the lobby, why you have done this and that and the drill or process know-how continues. And this continues till a month, I always felt irritated by seeing her face.

The quarrel between us has grown bitterer and we were at daggers drawn that I started planning on leaving the house. I shared my talks with my parents but they don’t find it worth. They told me why you are noticing such things; you have much work to do. But I didn’t listen to them and again started interrupting her in the things which I don’t like. I find the motive when to insult her or take revenge. I felt sometimes killing her.

The worst part was that she notices what I am eating and if something that my mother has not given to her she complains to grandfather. Now the quarrel has a different mode they want that I should not eat a fruit if they want to serve it to the God every day. What is this? I was totally upset and frustrated. The bad part was that my grandfather was also like her. He supports grandmother in her wrong deed.

One day, then I found that I am not able to concentrate on my things. I ponder and realized that my thought process is filled with these chunks, I find why I am giving a piece of my mind about her stupid conducts if my parents are serving me the best. Why because of her, I have always been upset.

Thought that my parents were right. I found later that I was noticing such things, therefore, it was the bottom of the whole trouble for me. Gradually, I tried to accept all the things and started focusing on my improvement. This way now I am also not tensed and my grandmother does whatever she likes. Now the environment was different I do what I feel like without any irritation.

One day, when I was sitting idle I thought about those months of fighting. I found that in one or another, my behavior and actions alert me that I was unhappy. My behavior results in an unhappy home life, and I live with disagreements, arguments, and unhappiness in one form or another.

I found my each and every action, every word that I speak and how I manage determines that how well anything in my life was. And the same thing happens with all of us. We know why we do what we do and what makes us do that? But because of something else which affects, and controls our actions we don’t get aware of it. And that something else is our own behavior.

If your actions are those which work for you instead of against you, the possibility is that you will work in a better way. On an average how we act or behave is the one that can bury the hatchet which is a natural process of learning and make peace. When you change yourself then only you can change your environment. Accept the things as they are and live a happy life.

Your behavior is the key to how you manage yourself and live rest of your life. You should focus on what is important in your life, the process theory of motivation instead of wasting time in other affairs. Your mind is not a gaming table so use it where it is necessary and create a better world to live in for yourself and for others.

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