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In today’s era, it is so easy to compare person to person, things to things, food with another food and even place to place. There was a time when people live together and had a great time spending with each other. Where there were joint families and grandparents always have something interesting to tell the kids.

As I was traveling to my parental house there was also the same environment but this time I found something unusual. I got two parental uncles’ and they both live happily under the same roof. But this time, they got separated and fighting with each other to take their asset. It was really depressing to see such thing I was so annoyed and sad that why such thing happens. Is there something missing in moral values or they didn’t get a good education. Why were they fighting when they are brothers?

But I didn’t find any answer. Then I got the information related to Bharat Bandh. It was all related to SSC exam where Dalits and communities are fighting to get a reservation. Here Bharat bandh 2018 gives a new version by giving not a sensible move to cut corners. After the heavy violence of Bharat bandh on 2nd April 2018, the alert police have appealed to the common people to maintain harmony. But to be honest I don’t find a Bharat bandh end date. Because the reason for Bharat bandh is the government examination which is for common people to get into Indian Government.

To start with SSC exam full form is Staff Selection Commission. It is a common exam for every graduate and even 10th and 12th pass. But the issue is why the communities are fighting with the Indian Government. Dalits say they need a reservation that is they want a certain amount of seat to be reserved for them so on that basis they can clear the ssc exam board. Bharat bandh on 2nd April was the worst case to handle. Bharat bandh loss impacts on every common man.

Significantly, many people were killed in separate violent incidents. Everywhere there is a huge impact of Bharat bandh. Though there are ssc exam criteria still such fights affect the Indian Government. Everyone is asking is there a Bharat bandh today? Or is there a Bharat bandh tomorrow? Earlier there was a Bharat bandh due to Padmavati. Now, on 2nd April General category people wants to take initiative regarding Bharat bandh.

Don’t you think now there is so much Bharat bandh. Have you ever heard of England bandh, US bandh, or any other country to be closed like this? After reading of all this I suddenly, think of the moment when my uncles’ were fighting with each other and want to get divided. At home, there was such a mess and even tension. They don’t want to see each other face.

According to me, a family connects everyone and promise to not get separated. Still, such things happen and destroy the environment. In the same way, where people are protesting and want their rights as family divides. I remember when we were kids and teachers ask us to stand in the prayer line. And there we recite “We brother and sister” and it goes on. That time also we don’t want to stand.

But I think if we have heard it properly and understand the meaning of it then such things in the family or in the country would not happen. Bharat bandh is nothing but showing the values that we have or gained from our family. Because of such a huge violence, we are not even seeing that common people are getting hurt.

Bharat bandh

Bharat bandh 10th April is because now General category students will protest. Like family divides in the same way, everyone wants to divide India. Why we all want that other countries should know what is a Bharat bandh? Don’t divide the nation on the basis of caste, creed, and religion. Live together and build a healthy family and also the healthy environment for the nation. Everyone has the right to speak but don’t take the advantage of it in the wrong way. Make a healthy nation and stop giving reasons for Bharat bandh. To read more and stay connected with India read this amazing book.

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