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How to be happy? What to do to be happy? Okay but before that, you should know one thing. That is. There are two types of vibes on this planet. One is positive and another one is negative. Positive vibes are those which keep us relaxed and calm which pacify us and make us feel wonderful. Whereas negative vibes are those which fill us with anger, irk and sometimes depression.

So, the whole world is nothing than just vibrations. We are surrounded by negative and positive vibrations. There are so many ways to keep yourself positive. As one of the famous tricks is to keep saying yourself: “All is well” or “I am strong and happy”.  Let’s start with the starters. What you need to do is wake up in the morning and then seeing
the mirror continue saying these phrases at least 5 to 10 minutes. Maybe you find some content or something in this and you feel good for 5 or 10 minutes or say one hour.

But what about the rest of the hours? Almost the whole day. Okay if you take asleep for 8 hours then also you have 16 hours. How will you behave the rest of the hours that you have? Do you think and really consider that you always remain positive? Remember it’s very hard to remain positive in such a diplomatic world. Negativity attracts us all. We actually don’t need any reason to get negative. But why we need activities, things, sayings or quotes to get positive. Because we easily get captivated towards negative vibes.

Whatever you think or plan, it doesn’t mean that it will be going to implement in that way or you will get the same result that you thought. There will be changes here and there. You want to be happy but you have stopped your happiness on certain things or desires. By and large, you need your desires to be fulfilled. Therefore it results as:- instead of being positive, you become negative. Because it happens that what you want you don’t get it on time and you become curious. Due to which you more and more become anxious
and become a low esteemed person.

Let’s check out these simple things that help you become more positive and less negative:-

  1. Maintain cleanliness

Most of the time when you wake up in the morning you find yourself in a hurry either to go office, school or for some other things. You rush to get ready keeping all the things in the way as they were when you wake up. And when you come back home in the evening you already become so lethargic and even exhausted.

When you see your room is in the same condition as you left in the morning. Totally mess up, things are around in a chaotic way even you don’t find your things when you feel more irritated. That time instead of organizing it you feel so frustrated and sit in the room ideally and do all the things. Due to which negative vibes generate in your room and starts following you.

So, one of the best things to do is clean your surroundings, keep your things and yourself clean. From the bathroom to your wardrobe and you keep yourself the way you want to look clean. Just prepare a to-do list, manage your time and ponder over how to use your 24 hours.

2. Meditation

It’s hard to be positive in such a negative environment. You puzzle over to keep yourself calm and cool but you don’t know that you really need to meditate. It will not only help you to keep your mind healthy but also soothes you and calm you. It keeps your life in balance. If you feel or realize that you easily become angry then it will help you in keeping calm, it will pacify you. And if you are too calm and peaceful then it will organize your mind traits in that way.

Meditation will help in your development, in your mental growth. As it’s necessary to update your phone, in the same way, it’s important to update yourself through meditation. It is an objectless concentration where you need to concentrate on a point and helps you to take right decisions. It makes you a stoic person which is the happiest trait to have in humans.

How to practice?

Keep your place clean make sure that you sit on a yoga mat or something there with you sit. Close your eyes, back straight and shoulders relax. When you meditate the things that you did or your day to day life will come before you.

But as you start concentrating on your breath you will relax, you need to remind yourself to keep concentration in breathing. You feel as if you are there in the place physically but mentally you are in the other world.

3. Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself is the only word that can lead your path to success. Have faith, don’t give up are the phrases which you listen from every other person that comes in your life. But do you really understand what it means? IT is nothing but to believe in you. Be true to yourself is the only way to keep you on the right track. You can lie to other people for some of the other reasons. But you cannot lie to yourself.

Be strong and adamant but have love inside you. You will see the world around you is very beautiful. When you will have faith in you, then you listen to your instinct. It is something that gives you inner strength, power, and self-motivation.

You start doing things in a more creative and a more productive way. Listen to your inner voice then you don’t need anyone else to make your decisions or any clarifications. You have to take responsibility for yours then only you can take others responsibility.

4. Paste it: Smile

The smile is the best makeup to put on the face. It is a panacea for all the diseases in this world. It will keep you energetic and happy. Just give a smile that goes a mile and then nobody will desert you nor condemn you. When you feel upset and somebody tries to convince you with a smile then you also started feeling happy.

It is a medicine of all the negative emotions. When you go somewhere and see strangers around you. You become as if how to get to your place.But if they greet you with a smiling face you started feeling happy and comfortable. You start feeling the positive vibes of the environment. Suddenly you get goosebumps of happiness. Your aura becomes so positive that you forget you are in another place.

From the whole context, it takes a little patience, a tint of understanding, feelings, kindness and lastly a smile to win everyone’s heart. So keep smiling maybe your smile fill light to the other people’s life.

5. Be happy

Okay, start with a fire round and ask some questions to yourself. When will you be happy? What are the reasons to be happy? If you have desires and you expect anything and you don’t get then what will happen will you be happy or sad? Or what steps you will take? Have you thought before expecting things you were happy? And how do you really think you need a reason to be happy? I don’t think so.

Remember happiness doesn’t come to us, it comes by us. If you find reasons to be happy then you will be sad always but the truth is you don’t need any reason to be happy. The world is so beautiful that if you find the true meaning to live here then every time you will feel you are in a magical world.

To be happy you don’t need a jinni to come and perform any magic or a magic wand that will make you all time happy. You need your inner-sense to clear to be happy and all your sweetness in your heart. It is not a difficult task but to remind yourself

Sad to say but when a child is born he smiles 400 times and till his adulthood, he smiles only 17 times. To be realistic don’t kill that child inside you be in this magical world and don’t find reasons to be happy. If you are happy then you will make your surrounding happy and will make the world beautiful.

6. Do exercise

To keep yourself relax, exercise is also an interesting activity to do. There are many brainstorming exercises that help your brain work in a proper way. It keeps your metabolism good and releases the stress hormone. It makes you feel relax and pacifies your mind.

Exercise half an hour daily. As it will not only keep your body fit but also help your brain work in a good way. It will increase your lifespan and will make you more active.

7. Don’t take stress

Oops, you are in danger. Stress is something which keeps you dejected. As a coin has two faces in the same way in a person’s life there are many faces but the two faces are happiness and sadness. Stress is the second face of sadness. To take stress means to drink alcohol daily. Intake alcohol every day and it will kill you from inside. At some point, it will make you sad, depressed and more addicted to negative things.

In the same way, stress also keeps you sad, depressed and gloomy. To remain out of it think of the things which you want to implement. But if you think your techniques are just to take it as an alcohol then one day it will be going to kill you from inside.

Stress is a silent killer that starts killing you from inside and you never know when it will ruin you wholly. When you get a fever then you take medicines to cure it. In stress to remain happy, developing positive thinking and deal with your anxiety is the medicine.

Whatever you like dancing, singing or playing or doing something creative just go for it. Start your day with positivity. Pray every day to show gratitude. Chant powerful mantras and let its positive vibes come to your ear. Don’t get pressurize of little things. Remember God has sent you here for a purpose. You are born to do something good instead of taking the stress and kill yourself. When you fail you need to celebrate instead of crying and boost your energy level with a new strategy.

8. Develop your habit

Develop your habit but what? What kind of habit do you need to develop? Habits are generally to keep doing work regularly. But in such a busy life we just give 5 or 10 minutes to the things that we like. Or sometimes we don’t have even 5 minutes to do things.

Remember don’t kill that child inside you. If you like to dance, then practice it regularly at least for half an hour. Listen to more positive songs and see interesting movies. Develop your habit to do things effectively whatever you like or want to do, just do it. You don’t need permission for it.

Start your day with a to-do list and make yourself fit not only physically but also mentally. Do something creative, explore something new, discover like Columbus and invent like Edison. Be happy, be smart, be intelligent and be you.


9.Travel and explore

You don’t need a Chandrakanta’s magic to disappear, you just need a perfect destination to go to your place. Go out of the familiar walls. The world is so beautiful that sparkles you more than the jewels and you need a camera in your eyes to capture each and everything.

Enjoy the dance floor of your heart starts pumping and see the beauty of this world. Explore the world, explore the place where you travel, explore its culture and explore you. Travel the places, meet different people, know their opinions and see the world around you. Discover the creativity of the places that you travel.

Meet different people, learn their language, know their opinions and see the world around you. Discover the creativity of the places that you travel to let them travel inside you. You just need to rejuvenate yourself every moment.

10. Be social

We the people of the nation are helpers of each other and belong to each other. So, how can you think you are alone? Be social. There are many things to do in this world. To connect yourself with each other you need to understand each other’s desires, talk about them, listen to them and try to solve their problem. Join organizations or make your own group. Do some work and activity to foster socially. Make some campaigns or start doing own your own and contribute your work to the beauty of this world.

Bring a new life to you and to the world. It keeps you active. When you participate in things will keep you energized and will develop your skills.  It grows you not only professionally but also personally. You should do something good for the welfare of the world.

So, be positive, be happy. If you will be happy inside then only you can make another person happy. If you will be positive then only you can make the world positive.

So, for this world, for you let’s take a pledge that you will keep yourself happy and there should be some contribution from your side to make this world beautiful.

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