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Welcome To The Life Art 4 All

The about us page of this website is designed to motivate people and
aware them of all the natural phenomenon that
happens but we don’t want to realise. In life art 4 all
you will see motivational blogs and add value to it you  will
realise that in all blogs you will find a big Yes.

Our mission is to make people happy and realise
them their importance in a positive way. It’s a very
nice thing to happen that we got an opportunity
to promote such blogs.

Life art 4 all is a motivational website that helps
people to get motivated and make them aware of the
importance of life.

We are giving to readers what we have understood,
breathed out and assimilated through the grace
grant to us by our humane master.

To add value to it, the subject of  life art 4 all is
exotic in its nature, as we got motivated by our
respected Gurudev Shri Shri Ravi Shankar Ji
therefore, only a brief outline is possible.

Our goal is to bring people to a right state of
mind and offer them the inspirational blogs and

The Life art 4 all Story: About Us

This image is the of Dhairya Singh Chauhan

Dhairya Singh Chauhan- Life art 4 all CEO

I’ve always loved dreaming up new ideas, techniques
and philosophies including the successful creation
of life art 4 all.

When I have completed my schooling I dream of modelling
and being an international theatre artist, sometimes
I got shaken by the things that happen to me
or about the lifestyle of the industry.

But, when I was in last year of my graduation I have taken
The Art Of Living Foundation course from which
I got so motivated from my International teachers
that I decided to take profound knowledge to live
in this world. I personally began to realise the truth
of the Karma, meditation and positive attitude
that I decided to spread them on my own website by being a

Digital Marketing expert.

Life art 4 all is not about speeches and blogs of
optimism. It’s a superpower that rewires our brains,
changes the way we see the world and helps to
bring or unbolt our true ability or potential.



This is the image of Shreya Gupta

Shreya Gupta – Head Of Content

In 2004 I was introduced to motivational blogs,
but that time I just make them as a learning part
without implementing them.

But when I joined The Art Of Living Foundation
and take their course, from that point onward.
I was hooked.

Since then, I continued exploring motivational speeches
and traditions such as Subconscious Mind, Balance,
Instinct and teachings and practices regarding
the calmness of mind and meditation that is objectless
concentration. And it transformed my life and
I move through life’s discomforts more quickly and
with greater ease.

As Head of Content here at life art 4 all, my hope
is to support other people and help them move forward
in the situations, they are suffering from. Life
is a roller coaster ride, there are hurdles and
to be strong at that time spiritual knowledge and
motivation is necessary.