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I remember when I completed my graduation after that I started preparing for government exams. While I was preparing I felt sometimes to give up and sometimes get so energetic as if I can clear the exam in my first attempt. Because I failed many times I get de-motivated. But when I get success I found that my success or failure was controlled by a process. Yes, the process which consists of a sequence of steps.

Know what is success in life

Let’s take your personal success or failures on average. Your everyday success or achievement, whether small or big is not by accidents, they are the result of something else. Whether you get success or failure or something which didn’t work out so well were all the results of something else. And that something else depends on you. Yes, here are some steps that will help you understand the process that controls your success or failure.

Let’s get started, keys to success in life.

Programming your mind

When we take birth we don’t know anything and we grow with the beliefs of others. Our conditioning, from the day we were born, has cemented about what we believe about ourselves and what that surrounds us. Whether the beliefs that you get or think was right or wrong, the result is what you believe.

It is our mind that sets certain beliefs and the process begins. To sum up, whatever we believe determines our attitudes towards life, what we feel and directs our behavior. When we want to achieve something it’s important how we take our goal. What type of belief we set in our mind for success goals. So, to achieve anything first change your programming.

What we believe

Belief does not require something to be true. It is something that requires us to believe that it’s true. For example, there are two girls and we fill their mind with the negative thoughts of each other. Then probably they both will not like to talk to each other. It makes no difference whether it is true or not. It is what they believed.

We all have thousands of big and little beliefs about ourselves. But I think that most of the beliefs are not correct. So, create a belief that will help you in achieving your goals. What you think, what you believe all depends on you. Because your beliefs are not accidents, these are created and maintained by you.

Therefore your programming of mind relates to what you believe. Believe in you and you can accomplish whatever you want.


Attitude plays a vital role in everything. People with no attitude have nothing to do. But the people with right attitude have something in them. But whatever attitude we have about anything will affect how we feel. If we feel right about something it will help us in becoming successful. A good attitude is important to the achievement of any kind.  Without a good attitude, a perspective which allows one to see the opportunities ahead will not be able to reach.

Therefore it is our belief that develops and controls our attitude. Your success attitude will help you in picking the opportunities and you will work in a creative way. Your self-belief is growing so now is time to stretch yourself more. Develop a positive outlook so that you can get the things done the way you want.


Yes, feelings which are not always to talk about love but yes, how you feel in every situation or for anything is feeling. It is an emotional state of a person that directly influence our actions. What we feel about something is directly related to our actions. For example, if you take your exam for granted though you know it’s important but you will not work hard for it. Because mentally you have prepared your mind for not taking the exam seriously.

If we feel good or positive about something, we will behave that way about it. Have you ever watched a person who met with an accident? He or she will think twice to run the vehicle. Because right now what he or she is feeling they are acting that way only. And the chain continues your attitude is defining your feelings. It is our feelings that cause us to react the way we do. Your feelings are controlling you in taking the action.

Our behavior

Last but not the least because it’s our behavior that controls our success and failure in life. What we do or do not all depends on us. Each step, everyday routine and everything that we do daily determines our success and failure in life. Our behavior can be seen anywhere whether in the workplace or at home.

It depends on us how we behave everywhere. For example, if you don’t like where you are in your home life, then, your actions and behavior will alert you that you are unhappy. And because of your behavior, you have to live with disagreements and unhappiness in one form or another.

Therefore in your success journey develop a behavior that will help you in achieving your goals and success and happiness. These sequence of steps are success facts that will accomplish your goals.



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