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How it would be if there was a machine that never stops, a wheel that forever spins and a clock that never stops ticking. Suppose that you get an endless source of free energy and you are making the world according to you. These are but the dreams of the inventors like you to have a subconscious mind. Yes, that machine is your subconscious mind. It is working day and night, to make sure that you become the person that you are thinking about yourself.

Yes, the power of your subconscious mind is more than you think. Do you remember when you first time ride the bicycle? You would have slipped many times. It might have happened that you got bruises. That time your conscious mind is working. But once you learned to ride a bicycle that part is set in your subconscious mind. Now when you find that you are running the bicycle safely that is all because of the subconscious mind.

Where does it hide and how it gives output?

Most of us are familiar with the idea that our behavior is less logical than we believe too. If you think that you cannot stick to a good diet, then your subconscious mind will assure that you really don’t have a good diet. Your subconscious mind can only do for you what you tell it to do. Whatever you think whether good or bad all stores in your subconscious mind. Its function is to store and retrieve data. It is a type of algorithm that you prepare that is an algorithm of your mind. It programs the way you prepared an algorithm.

If your mind pictures you having trouble earning money, then your subconscious mind is doing everything that it can do for not earning enough money for you. But if you think positive then it will give the same result. It is the secret of living a good life.

People ask sometimes what the secret that no one knows. You would have replied the big bang theory or something related to it. But the actual secret is here, inside us that is the subconscious mind. It plays an essential role in having a happy life. If you fit in your mind that you have to change your lifestyle or you have to think positive then subconscious mind will start its GPS and will make sure that you do it the way you want.

It is too often that we learn the worst thing first and the best one last, a natural process on which our personality is based upon. It controls our lives in a clever way. Whatever you decide it will automatically feed in your subconscious mind. It is the key to how you manage yourself, and how you live your life. And this way it manages the rest of your life. It’s important to change into positive if you think negative about yourself or give negative output. Because your subconscious mind gives you tips to ruin or make your life.

Powerful technique to reprogram your subconscious mind

Right now, I will give you the best tip to make your work done by subconscious mind. You don’t need to do anything simply close your eyes before you sleep. Give yourself 5 minutes before you go to bed. Practice the exercise just as you are going to sleep to remove any worry, fear or lack so that you can begin to disassociate with those things in your life, as you lie in bed ready to fall asleep take any and all worries one by one. Take the time to perceive each of them and has never experienced positive emotions. Now when you feel that state then choose that better feeling sensation that you doesn’t know exist. Send each worry and fear vibrations in blessings and transform them into positive emotions.

Now embodies the vibration of peace and positive emotions in you and carry all these things for at least five minutes. Visualize those negative emotions until they are no longer in your mind. Convert each of your negative emotions in positive emotions and this way you get the output. And now ask yourself what is the best positive thing that happened to you today? List all the things that you liked as you drift to sleep. You will realize those negative talks are now converted into the positive output and go to the universe to make transformations.

Many people find a very peaceful night’s sleep that follows this exercise because the mind realizes that what once had a negative thought is now transformed in positive emotions and peace. And the relaxation of mind is the output of the whole process. This is the way your subconscious mind brings positivity in you and releases all the efforts within you.



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